Instagram is an app designed for smartphones. As such, Instagram discourages users from accessing Instagram on their PCs. Windows users, for example, can’t access most Instagram features over their desktop browser.
At least, they couldn’t until now. Today, a new Windows 8 app called Instametrogram is helping Windows 8 users access the full functionality of Windows 8 from the comfort of their office chair.
Instametrogram allows users to:

-Comment on pictures
-View pictures
-Get geotagged photos from those you follow
The app does not yet allow users to:
-Upload their own photos
-Edit their own photos
The Instametrogram interface is simple and beautiful – just like Windows 8 tried to be. Users can browse through photos based on what’s popular or trending at that moment. They can also view the photos posted by the people they follow or view pictures from people they don’t follow.
Yes there are other Instagram apps that do this. But here’s one feature that makes Instametrogram my favorite Instagram app for Windows 8: view geotagging information.

Access geotagging and location data

Many of the photos posted to Instagram are geotagged, which means they include location information embedded with the photograph.
Most other Instagram apps don’t allow users to view this information. But Instametrogram does: users can click on the photograph, click on the location, and instantly start looking at Bing Maps to pinpoint the location of that photo.

Saving photos to the computer

Another killer feature in Instametrogram is the ability to save pictures to your computer. The Instagram app itself doesn’t give users this feature. On Instametrogram, saving a picture to your Windows 8 PC is just a few clicks away.

How to use Instametrogram:

Step 1) Download Instametrogram from the Windows 8 store for free
Step 2) Install the app
Step 3) Log into your Instagram account

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