Intel is one of the world’s largest CPU manufacturers. They’re popular with all types of PC users – from gamers to average users – and that’s why a recent news story has made so many people angry.
Engadget recently posted a picture sent to them from a reader. That picture shows an “Intel Processor Performance Upgrade Card”.
According to the card, PC users can pay $50 to purchase a special unlock code. Then, they enter that special unlock code into their PC to expand their processor’s power and performance.
Apparently, that unlock code unlocks a full extra 1MB of L3 cache – which is a significant performance boost. It won’t quite double your performance but increasing the L3 cache will have noticeable impacts on all parts of your PC.

PC users are mad

PC users aren’t thrilled with these cards. The cards mean that Intel deliberately restricts processor performance until consumers pay a little more to enjoy the full experience.
The hardware capabilities are still on that card, and they’re just waiting to be unlocked.
It’s kind of like when video game manufacturers release “Free Zero Day DLC” and other promotions: you’re taking away value from the game without reducing the cost, then re-adding that value and expecting people to pay the added cost.
It’s a messed up system.
However, this system could appeal to lower-end PC users who are searching for an easy way to upgrade their systems without totally replacing their PCs.
Fortunately, Intel isn’t releasing these cards to the mass marketplace yet. The cards are being tested in a few choice markets and are only available for certain low-end processors and computers.
So don’t freak out, PC users: Intel hasn’t turned their backs on us. But if this card system becomes more mainstream, you can expect to see a lot of backlash from the community.

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