Windows 9 may only be a few weeks away from being debuted to the general public.
That means we’re going to see a lot of leaks over the next few weeks. Today, I’m proud to share another leak with you. Recent videos have appeared online which are rumored to show Windows 9 in action.
Apparently, the person who made these videos somehow got their hands on the Windows 9 Technical Preview – something that is rumored to be being released to the general public at the end of September 2014.
The leaks come courtesy of German website Check out the videos below to see features like the new Windows 9 Start Menu, new live tiles, new multiple desktops, and new notification center:

Did some German employee at Microsoft email these to his buddies back in Deutschland? Is Satya Nadella sneakily trying to hype up Windows 9 with a string of foreign language leas?
I can’t really answer that. But if that’s what Windows 9 looks like, then we can expect an interesting blend of Windows 8 tiles and Windows 9 functionality. At this point, it doesn’t look that amazing – but I can’t wait to play around with it and enjoy hands-on time at the end of September.

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