“It just works”? Not anymore. With a slew of computer problems affecting millions of Apple users, one of the world’s largest tech companies has finally realized that its computers aren’t invincible. In fact, they’re not much better than PCs in terms of computer problems.
The worst thing about Mac problems is that they’re strange – especially for those who have used a PC for their entire lives. Instead of finding a basic troubleshooting path for the problem, Mac users often have to bend their mind around mysterious issues like applications that won’t launch, overheating at odd times, and beach balls that never stop spinning.
Many Mac users have also complained about hard drives that spontaneously fill up with strange ‘Other’ data. A 500 GB MacBook Air, for example, filled up with over 480GB of mysterious data for no apparent reason.
All of these problems are conspiring to haunt Mac users. And, to make matters worse, troubleshooting Macs is a difficult and time-consuming process. Apple recommends you take their products to Apple Stores in order to get them repaired. Repairs can cost thousands of dollars, and even simple RAM upgrades can reach into the hundreds of dollars.
Fortunately, PC users have the option of installing low-cost software like PC Cleaner Pro to fix their computer woes. Apple users don’t have this option.
Ultimately, both PC and Mac users feel the pain of PC problems. With computers becoming more and more complicated, it can sometimes feel like you need a PhD in order to troubleshoot computer errors. Fortunately, with software like PC Cleaner Pro, you can instantly solve hundreds of problems on your computer – and speed up your PC while you’re at it.

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