Microsoft made big headlines this morning as it announced its biggest hardware release of the year: an all-in-one PC called the Surface Studio.
We have all of the details on the $3,000 AIO PC here for you today.
First, the Surface Studio isn’t exactly a surprise. Rumors about the Surface Studio have been swirling for weeks. Microsoft was caught trademarking the name Surface Studio while also filing FCC requests for AIO peripherals.
The launch of the Surface Studio may not be a big surprise, but the rest of the PC is surprising.
First off, the Surface Studio looks amazing. It’s everything a futuristic AIO PC is expected to look like. You know those futuristic computers they’ve used in science fiction movies over the past few decades? It looks similar to one of those.
The thing is also massive. The display is 28 inches large but only 12.5mm thic
k. You can also fold the entire screen horizontally so it can easily be used with a pen along with Microsoft’s new dial peripheral.

Surface Studio Tech Specs

Microsoft’s official website lists some basic tech specs for the device. so far, it looks like there are two main options along with other customizations, including an Intel i5 or i7 Core processor, up to 32GB of RAM, and up to a 4GB Nvidia GeForce GPU.

Surface Studio Pricing

The Surface Studio isn’t for budget customers. Instead, it’s closer to Apple’s AIO desktop pricing. The Studio starts at $3,000. If you want to max out the tech specs, you can close to double that price.
As part of today’s Microsoft event, the company also revealed improvements to the Surface Book, which is the company’s first ever laptop. The Surface Book features a clamshell hinge and a 2-in-1 design. Now, the upgraded book comes with a big boost, featuring twice the processing power, 16 hours of battery life, and a price point of $2,400.
Big Windows 10 updates were also announced at the event, including a revamped version of MS Paint (including 3D support) and Beam broadcasting, among other cool features.
Stay tuned to our blog as we learn more about the Surface Studio moving forward!

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