For the past few months, the status of Windows 8 has been largely unknown.
Some claim that Microsoft has already basically killed off Windows 8.1 and is preparing to go all-in on Windows 9 or “Threshold”.
Others argue that Microsoft isn’t abandoning Windows 8.1 at all and will continue releasing monthly updates.
Now, we finally know the real truth.
Microsoft will deliver several updates to Windows 8.1 over the month of August, although none of those updates will be the much-anticipated “Windows 8.1 Update 2”. In fact, Microsoft wants people to stop talking about the rumored “Update 2”.
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Rumor has it that these monthly updates will become the norm for Microsoft operating systems: instead of delivering named updates every few months, Microsoft will regularly deliver incremental upgrades on a weekly basis over the Windows Update tool.
Anyways, the upcoming Windows 8.1 updates will fix a number of small problems with the OS, including:
-Touchpad improvements that will optimize right-clicks on touchpads as well as double taps and dragging.
-Miracast Receiver support will be added
-Reduction in the number of login prompts for accessing SharePoint Online. Users can now click “Keep me signed in” to stay signed in without being bothered by verification boxes

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These updates are in addition to the usual security updates and bug fixes. They will be released on August 12. If you don’t want to wait for the updates to download onto your system, then you can manually download them by opening the Windows Update tool on August 12 to perform a manual update.

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