If you’re one of the few people who continue to use Windows Live Messenger, then you’re in for a rude awakening: Microsoft recently announced that it was getting rid of Windows Live Messenger and focusing solely on Skype as its method of communication between users.
Windows Live Messenger will stop servicing all countries in the first quarter of 2013. At that point, Messenger users can switch to Skype to continue talking to their regular contacts.
Windows Live Messenger has seen its market share dwindle over the years in favor of Facebook Chat and other applications. It wasn’t as relevant in a world with social media, and Skype makes chatting – over both video and text – so much easier.

Fortunately, Microsoft isn’t pulling the rug out from under Messenger users and then kicking them when they’re down. Instead, Messenger users simply need to install Skype 6.0 and sign in with their normal Live ID to find all their contacts have been transferred. Or, for Messenger users who want a fresh start, they can choose not to merge their two accounts together.
Some people are angry about Microsoft’s decision to get rid of Windows Live Messenger, but the decision makes sense. After all, Skype features basically the same IM capabilities as Messenger, and splitting Microsoft’s fanbase into two sides isn’t a good idea. With Microsoft attempting to unify all its assets under the Windows 8 brand and user interface, this isn’t a terribly surprising decision.
Still, many of us will look back fondly on the early days of MSN. I guess it’s finally time to say goodbye.

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