The release of Windows RT and Windows 8 has come with its fair share of blunders. Microsoft has made some curious choices – like restricting users from customizing their desktops and completely removing the Start button.
But one of the most curious mistakes by Microsoft was the lack of Outlook on Windows RT devices. The Outlook app wasn’t even available from the Windows App Store. Since Windows RT devices can only use software released onto the Windows App Store, this was a serious overlook on the part of Microsoft.
Windows RT users were forced to use the ‘webmail’ environment at, which is far less convenient than simply opening an app.
Well, with the upcoming release of Windows 8.1, Microsoft will add the Outlook app to its list of pre-installed Office software, which means new Windows RT users will be able to access the app right out of the box. The new app gives users the ability to peek at emails and contacts by hovering over them, as well as a number of other important touch-based features.

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