Microsoft cares about the security of its users.
Unless, of course, you’re using Windows XP. Today, Microsoft released a helpful security tool for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users.
This security tool vastly improves Windows’ ability to protect itself online. The tool is called the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET).
EMET’s claim to fame is protecting Internet Explorer from the world’s best hackers. At Pwn2Own 2014, hackers were able to infiltrate all other major browsers. However, nobody was able to claim the $150,000 grand prize for hacking Internet Explorer 11 protected by EMET.
That’s significant.
You can download EMET for free from the official Microsoft site here.


EMET helps your system in the following ways:
-Protects commonly exploited programs like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, and Java
-Lets users download additional security features for popular Windows programs like Firefox, Chrome, Skype, iTunes, Photoshop, Google Talk, VLC, 7-ZIP, WinRAR, Opera, and Thunderbird
-Adds certificate trust rules for popular websites and social media services like Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo
-Constantly updates and reports through the Windows Event Log, Tray Icon, and Early Warning Program
-Lets users configure the system to protect the exact programs they use
-Lets users choose between Maximum security settings and Recommended security settings

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How does it work?
EMET activates critical security processes on Windows. Starting with Windows XP Service Pack 2, Microsoft let applications create Data Execution Prevention (DEP) protocols. DEP marks certain files and folders as non-execution zones, which means an attacker would not be able to modify files or edit code in that area.
Similarly, Microsoft added Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR), which randomizes the location of applications, programs, software, files, and folders. This makes it difficult to create an exploit designed to target a specific folder based only on its position on the hard drive.
Both of these features have been around for years, but some applications do not take full advantage of them. By default, these security features are enabled on all Windows programs.
EMET activates these features on all your programs and lets you lock down additional applications for maximum security. That means every application automatically creates a DEP zone and utilizes ASLR to thwart exploits.

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This is better than antivirus software
If you’ve been looking for a good way to protect your computer, then EMET can help. EMET is, in many ways, more effective than antivirus software.
All technical information aside, the fact that EMET was able to protect Internet Explorer 11 from repeated attacks from the world’s best hackers tells you a lot about the effectiveness of this tool.
This is one tool that could totally change the security of your PC. It takes only seconds to install and setup. Download it for free from the Microsoft site today.

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