The first-generation Microsoft Surface tablets were okay. They weren’t bad, they weren’t excellence. They were just okay.
With the Surface 2, Microsoft has addressed a lot of complaints about its tablets – and more importantly, the Windows 8 operating system. Perhaps that’s why the tablets recently sold out.
That’s right: Microsoft actually sold out of Surface 2 tablets. Microsoft warned consumers earlier this week that presale orders had nearly cleared out its initial inventory run, and now it looks like Microsoft was not kidding.

Here’s the good news

Microsoft sold out of Surface Pro 2 tablets and has not yet sold out of Surface 2 tablets. Surface Pro 2 tablets feature Windows 8.1, while Surface 2 tablets feature Windows RT, which is a barebones operating system that can only run Windows apps. Really, the Surface Pro 2 is the only tablet you should even consider buying.
surface pro 2
Fortunately, wait times for the Surface 2 are minimal. If you preorder a sold-out Surface 2, you can expect your order to be delayed by only a few days to a week. Third-party retailers like Best Buy are also facing back-orders, although these back-orders tend to take longer than the Microsoft Store’s backorders.
Meanwhile, some of the most popular Surface 2 accessories, including the Type Cover 2 and Touch Cover 2, are also sold out.

Where to buy a Surface 2

Despite selling out of its initial preorders, Microsoft has said that some Microsoft store locations and Best Buy locations may have some units available. Call ahead to double check.
The Surface 2 will ship by October 21 and the Surface Pro 2 will ship by October 25.
surface 2 release dates

A positive PR move?

Maybe the Surface 2 tablets are selling at an unprecedented pace. Or maybe Microsoft pulled the classic tech move where they supply fewer units than people are demanding. Seeing “Surface 2” and “sold out” in the same headlines around the world must be good for Microsoft.
At the very least, this latest news shows that Microsoft is doing a much better job of managing its inventory than it did with the Surface 1, where millions of units were left unsold in warehouses to create a near-billion dollar loss for Microsoft.
Whether it’s a positive PR move or a genuine reflection of demand for the Surface 2, I actually like what Microsoft has done with the Surface Pro 2. Are you getting one or thinking of getting one? Drop us a line in the comments!

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