Because of malicious software, virus and potentially unwanted programs, we opt to install software that can protect our computer and prevent them from getting into our computers. Whenever we browse the internet, we make our computers vulnerable from threats that are just lurking around the corner waiting to strike. To avoid that, most of us sought the help of a free and accessible software just like My Web Shield. My Web Shield is advertised as a program that can protect your computer against any unwanted and malicious content while browsing the internet. It is offered as a Modern Network Protection Tool that when used, warns you about different kinds of threats. Aside from that, it won’t also spare you the endless advertisements that might redirect you to another threat. So obviously, contrary to its name and what this adware claims, it won’t shield your computer from the hands of malicious programs at all. Researchers had checked and examined this software, and the results will make you cringe, so it’s best if you uninstall it right away.

This adware is found at and, but the thing is, its installer is nowhere to be found on both sites, making it doubtful and questionable. There is a big possibility that this adware is obtained through shady third-parties, and attached it together with other harmful programs like Trojans, cookies, hijackers, etc. My Web Shield’s Private Policy statement found at its website;, states that this adware may use third-party programs that comes with advertisements. As you can see, this adware is nothing more than a program that display contents and advertisements from third-parties that could put your security at risk. You can remove this adware by using an anti-malware application or you can manually remove it on the Control Panel. If you use an anti-malware program, My Web Shield is identified as “Trojan.Zadved”.
Uninstalling My Web Shield through Control Panel just like you do to most programs is not easy since some components are left behind, and you’ll have to get rid of them as well. Removing My Web Shield manually, does not guarantee that you can remove other present threats in your computer. Eliminating this adware is a lot like dealing with a toothache, it may go away using a pain reliever but only for a limited time, you have to consult a dentist and have it removed, so in dealing with this adware, it is better if you use a trusted anti-malware program especially if you are not tech savvy and would have a hard time navigating Control Panel or the computer itself.

Removing My Web Shield:

For Windows XP

Step 1: Go to the Taskbar and Click Start.
Step 2: Select Control Panel and go to Add or Remove Programs.
Step 3: Look for My Web Shield and click Remove.

For Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Step 1: Press Win+R simultaneously to open RUN.
Step 2: Type in Control Panel and click OK.
Step 3: Go to Uninstall a Program.
Step 4: Right-click on My Web Shield and click Uinstall.

Erasing its residues:

Step 1: Press Win+E to open Explorer.
Step 2: Key in %PROGRAMFILES% at the top to open the folder.
Step 3: Right-click and Delete My Web Shield folder.
Step 4: Key in %WINDIR%\system32\drivers at the top.
Step 5: Right-click and Delete mwescontroller.sys.
Step 6:  Empty Recycle Bin.

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