Grand Theft Auto V was one of the best games of 2013 and is still played by millions every day.
Most gamers have already played GTA V. However, some people badly want to play it, but aren’t able to yet.  These holdouts are PC gamers.
These PC gamers demand customization. They want better graphics. And they want a high-framerate, max resolution experience. Unfortunately, none of those things are possible on the Xbox 360.
There are now over 700,000 signatures on the Grand Theft Auto V for PC petition on Many of these people have already beat the game on console (including myself) but are going to buy another copy of that game when it’s released on PC.

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What are the advantages of GTA for PC?

Grand Theft Auto IV was released on PC within a year of its console release date. This was great news for PC gamers. Since its release, modders have created all sorts of crazy customizations, including graphic enhancing mods, vehicle mods, and entirely new cities.
The really impressive thing about these mods is that GTA IV is a difficult game to mod. It’s even difficult for gamers to install mods.
Here are some of the advantages gamers are looking forward to with GTA V on PC:
-High resolution in 1920x1080p and higher
-Extensive modifications and customization options
-Higher framerates beyond the locked 30fps rate on consoles
-Keyboard and mouse gameplay (although most prefer connecting an Xbox 360 controller to the PC)

Why is it taking so long?

There are two reasons why Grand Theft Auto V for PC is taking so long:
1) It’s a massive, complex game built entirely around the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Transitioning all game mechanics to a completely new platform and control scheme isn’t easy. Bug testing alone could take (or already has taken) months.
2) Rockstar isn’t hurrying its development because it wants to squeeze out as many console sales as possible. As soon as GTA V is released on PC, it will inevitably be pirated by millions of gamers. Unfortunately, PC piracy is a virtually unavoidable problem.
Of course, there may be other reasons why Rockstar hasn’t yet released GTA V for PC, but those are the two broadest and most likely reasons.
The next goal for the petition is 1 million signatures. Let’s try to hit that mark.
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When will GTA V be released for PC?

Ultimately, we don’t have a release date for Grand Theft Auto V for PC…yet. We don’t even have confirmation that it’s in development….yet.
But here’s the good news: Rockstar has always released its Grand Theft Auto games on PC. Sometimes, it took just 6 months to release the next version – as with Grand Theft Auto IV. In other cases, it took a couple years.
Keep your heads up: Grand Theft Auto V is coming for PC soon. We just don’t know when.

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