It’s no secret that digital game sales have been rapidly rising over the past decade. But few people realized how fast they were rising.
Now, a new report suggests that 92% of PC game sales in 2013 were digital.
That information comes from DFC Intelligence, which told UK-based PCR that 92% of game sales from around the world in 2013 were digital.
DFC was also the analyst group which claimed that PC game sales outpaced console game sales in revenue last year.
In the past, digital game sales have been difficult to track. Companies like EA and Valve rarely release sales data for their digital platforms, which means PC sales statistics are more guesswork than hard science.
steam summer sale
But clearly, DFC Intelligence has its sources and is presenting a largely positive outlook on the world of PC gaming.

This is why Wal-Mart barely stocks PC games anymore

If you’ve visited any Wal-Marts or GameStops lately, then you’ve undoubtedly noticed the pathetic number of games in the PC department.


Today, most physical retailers refuse to stock their PC game sections. Why? Well, it’s for the same reasons we listed above: 92% of PC game sales are digital and retailers simply cannot compete with the discounts offered by Steam, Origin, and others.
In other words, Wal-Mart isn’t going to buy 1000 physical copies of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at $45 each if the game is going to be discounted to $40 online within the next few months.
Who still shops for PC games at Wal-Mart instead of buying games during the Steam Sale? I have no idea.
DFC Intelligence plans to release a full report on the current state of PC gaming within the first week of September. I can’t wait to see what other information they have – because all the statistics they’ve produced so far illustrate a surprisingly positive outlook on the world of PC gaming.

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