Facebook scams come in all shapes and sizes, but usually they’re pretty easy to detect before they infect your computer. However, a recent scam is working on an above average number of Facebook users.
So how does it work? Well, Facebook users are sent a message that appears to be from Facebook. This message claims that “One of your friends added a new photo with you to the album.” The design and logo in the email appear to be legitimately from Facebook, although this is obviously far from the truth.
In fact, the email contains a dangerous malware program that infects your computer using a Trojan attack. Once downloaded, the program infects deep within yoru computer’s most essential files, making it extraordinarily difficult to remove.
Check out the picture for yourself and see if you would fall for it:

Instead of clicking on the ominous “view photo with you in the attachment” button, just mark the email as spam and type in the genuine Facebook URL into the address bar. This is a foolproof way to beat any type of phishing attack – just look at the URL, and if it says https://www.Facebook.com, then you know that you’re on the right website (hint: the extra ‘s’ at the end of https is important, as it shows your connection is secure).
Obviously, this scam email is tricky because it appears to be sent from ‘facebookmail.com’. I’m not going to visit that site for fear of infecting my computer, but we’re guessing it’s not owned by Facebook.
Of course, with over 950 million Facebook users around the world, even a virus attack with a low success rate has the potential to affect hundreds of thousands of people. That’s why so many hacking attacks target Facebook users – there are just so many of them.
As they say, a sucker is born every minute. Don’t fall for this trick.

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