Today, Microsoft Office remains the most popular office software suite on the market today. But Office is facing increased competition from free, open-source alternatives.
Right now, the two major open-source competitors to Microsoft Office are Google Docs and Open Office. While not perfect, these two software programs are helping budget-minded PC users access the Microsoft Office documents they need for work or school.
But a new open source Office replacement aims to win over a few fans of its own. That new replacement is called Joeffice, and it comes with a number of unique features.

Joeffice features

Joeffice was created by a freelance Java developer named Anthony Goubard. Here are a few unique advantages that Joeffice has over other open source programs:
-Basic word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and database programs
-Although currently in beta, the program should work on multiple platforms, including mobile operating systems and Raspberry Pi (the credit-card sized PC)
-Works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
-Works in any modern browser with Java

Made in 30 days

Interestingly enough, Joeffice was made in just 30 days. Don’t believe me? Well, the creator of Joeffice documented every step of his progress on YouTube. That’s quite a feat.

You can check out all of Anthony Goubard’s programming progress videos at his channel here. Or, download the early test version of Joeffice here.

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