Are you currently using Windows XP, Vista, or 7?
You probably are. The vast majority of Windows users have not yet switched to Windows 8 – and probably will never switch.
If you’re part of that majority, then I have good news for you: Windows 9 could be free.
According to Mary Jo Foley – who has repeatedly demonstrated that she has inside sources at Microsoft – Windows 9 is in active development and Microsoft is considering some major promotional incentive offers.
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Those offers could include free upgrade deals for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 users. Free upgrade deals would immediately boost the adoption of Windows 9 and boost some of Microsoft’s biggest fans onto modern operating systems.
Of course, a free upgrade offer would also cost Microsoft a lot of money.
Microsoft has never given away an operating system for free. It seems unlikely they would give away Windows 9 for free – even after the debacle that was Windows 8.

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However, Microsoft would be crazy if they didn’t have some sort of promotional offer for all their fans still using older operating systems. I would expect an upgrade offer between $20 and $60 for early Windows 9 adopters.
But a free upgrade offer would be even better.
In any case, an early public preview of Windows 9 is expected to be released in fall 2014. A full consumer release is expected in spring 2015. We’ll keep you updated about any free PC upgrade offers!

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