Everybody seems to be jumping into the smart watch industry these days.
Apple has long been rumored to be developing an iWatch, while Samsung has already launched its second generation of the Galaxy Gear.
Now, Microsoft seems to be entering the fray. A recently revealed patent document shows that Microsoft could be developing a smart watch.
The patent was filed in 2012. However, the world only found out about the patent earlier today.
It’s important to note that Microsoft already manufactured a smart watch – back in 2004. That watch was called the SPOT smart watch and it included features similar to today’s smart watches.
The 2012 patent includes all of the same features of other top smart watches, including various input ports, color displays, and ‘smart’ information.

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However, the one major difference with Microsoft’s patent is a snap and lock mechanism that would allow users to release the watch to clean it or add data. You could also release the information display part to dock into a treadmill, tablet, or whatever else.
Microsoft’s smart watch patent also focuses on a lot of health and fitness features, including a heart rate monitor, GPS tracker, movement sensor, etc.
Here’s what I expect: Apple will announce its iWatch in September 2014 and Microsoft will announce its own Surface Watch soon afterwards.

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