WWE 2K15 finally arrived on PC this past week months after Xbox One and PS4 users got to try it for the first time.
The new wrestling game comes to PC with a number of cool advantages over its console counterparts. Rest assured, PC gaming fans: this isn’t some lazy console port. Developer 2K seems to genuinely want to impress PC fans with its release.
Specific PC advantages include:
-Better visual quality
-Mod support
-More than 30 additional moves
-New fighters
-All DLC and expansion packs for the game will be included for free
Xbox One and PS4 players have been shelling out big bucks for DLC on consoles. That DLC includes character packs that let you relive Christian and Randy Orton’s rivalry or play some of Mark Henry’s best career matches.
On the PC version, you can now play as Hulk Hogan and Sting right out of the box. The 30+ new moves and new characters will give even hardcore console fans something to appreciate.
The free DLC move is unheard of on PC. Kudos to 2K for giving PC gamers a gift for waiting patiently. Just to recap, the developer has given away all of the following additions for free:
-36 extra characters
-4 new managers
-26 matches
-46 single player stories
Oh, and there’s mod support. Based on previous wrestling games, mod support in WWE 2K15 should bring some really entertaining things to the world.

2K also plans to release more DLC throughout Spring 2015.

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