If you’ve ever shopped for an HDMI cord, then you might have been shocked by the number of options in front of you. You might have walked into Best Buy just looking for your run-of-the-mill HDMI cord to hook up to your Xbox 360, but suddenly you start seeing ‘high-quality’ HDMI cords, LX edition HDMI cords, and other distractions.
What’s the difference between all of these HDMI cords? For most users, the difference won’t be noticeable. In most cases, you’ll want to base your HDMI cord purchase on length and durability. Picture quality, sound, and other factors are virtually identical across all HDMI cords.
However, that hasn’t stopped one HDMI cord manufacturer from going off the advertising industry’s deep end. One company took the issue a step further this week when it introduced “antivirus protection” into its Xbox HDMI LX cord. Take a look at the image here:

Yes, that’s right. A tech company is claiming that its HDMI cord can stop viruses. Specifically, it claims that it will stop virus noises and reduce image transmission errors.
Anybody who knows an inkling about PC security knows that viruses will not attack your video cables. And if they do, they’re not going to make any noise while they’re doing it. You know why? Because viruses aren’t scary monsters that terrorize Xbox 360s and make lots of noise while doing so. In the rare chance your Xbox 360 is infected with a virus, the virus is going to be very quiet.
A virus wouldn’t attack your HDMI cord, and even HDMI cords with 100% Mylar protection aren’t going to change that fact. Don’t fall for this marketing ploy and save your money.
Ultimately, the Xbox 360 Elite HDMI Cable (as the product is known) is not made by Microsoft. It’s made by a partner retailer. Some in the tech industry want that company to be sued into oblivion, while others claim that misleading advertising occurs on a daily basis.
In either case, the type of HDMI cord you buy will probably not have an effect on your video or sound quality. However, it will have an effect on your wallet.

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