You may think that a broken PC is just a minor annoyance. Sure, your computer is running slowly and freezing occasionally, but are those problems really that serious?
In fact, problems like this could be the early warning signs of a serious virus or other problem that could wreak havoc on the security of your PC. For that reason, it’s important to solve these problems as soon as they appear. Here are just a few of the reasons why your computer may be slowing down, freezing, or experiencing other problems:

A virus could be stealing your computer’s processing power

Many viruses are designed to turn your computer into a bot. This means that your PC is one of thousands on a network. The virus uses your computer’s bandwidth and processing power for nefarious purposes – like uploading illegal files onto the internet, or infecting the systems of other PC users. This will quickly drain your system’s resources and could cause your internet service bill to skyrocket.
Sometimes, viruses like this are discreet, and steal only a bit of your processing power and bandwidth so as not to raise any alarms. However, here are a few of the more common symptoms:
-Slower PC speed
-Slower internet connection
-Intermittent freezing
-Slow response times
-Long startup times

A keylogger could be monitoring your activity

One of the most dangerous viruses you can get is a keylogger. These are specifically designed to monitor your activity on the PC, and they can easily steal your usernames, passwords, credit card information, and anything else you type in while using your computer. Using this information, they can steal your identity and drain your bank accounts.
Keyloggers are very difficult to notice. They use only a tiny bit of your processing power, so your programs may not slow down. However, the keylogger may show up when you look at your task manager’s Processes list (press Ctrl+Alt+Delete). Often, the only sure way to rid your computer of a keylogger is to perform a scan with antivirus software.

Someone could be trying to hack your PC

Intermittent freezes and internet slowdowns may seem innocent enough, but it could be the early warning signs of somebody trying to hack into your PC. Your computer could be trying to fight off the attack without you even knowing it, which leads to slower speeds, processing errors, and other problems.
If you’ve been experiencing problems like this, then somebody may be trying to access your computer. In that case, then it’s always a good idea to fix your PC with a program like PC Cleaner Pro 2012. Scanning your system with that will wipe out any viruses that may be infecting your computer, and it will also speed up your PC in a number of other ways.

The bottom line

Whenever you experience problems with your computer, you should perform a scan with antivirus software and other PC optimization programs. You don’t want to wake up one day and find your bank accounts drained of all funds, and it’s often better to be a little paranoid than to not worry about it at all. Your PC could be infected without you even knowing it. Perform a free scan with PC Cleaner Pro 2012 today to ensure your PC is working properly – and that your personal information is secure.

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