DLL files are basically a series of code that the computer uses to access and run specific programs. The Rundll.exe refers to system files that are processed directly by the computer’s operating system to improve memory efficiency and performance. The Rundll error is encountered when the DLL file associated with a particular program is corrupted or has accidently been deleted from your PC.
There are several ways to fix a Rundll error. Simply rebooting your computer can sometimes fix the error. Typically though, the first step to fixing a Rundll error is to locate the program that is causing it. Then try any of the following approaches to resolve the problem.
1. Try uninstalling the program causing the Rundll error. To do this, use the Add/Remove Program functionality from the Control Panel. Then reinstall the program and reboot the computer. This often helps since the corrupted DLL file is replaced by the original during the setup.
2. In some cases tweaking the Windows Registry may help by removing any old or invalid information related to the program in question or to other software that have not been properly removed.
a. To access the Registry Editor, select the Run option from Start menu and type ‘Regedit’. b. In the search field type “Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run” or navigate to the CurrentVersion option from the menu on the left.
c. Ensure that the registry key associated with it is the same DLL file as the one with which an error was triggered earlier. If new DLL files exist in the registry these are probably older files from uninstalled programs. Left click any new DLL files and then press ‘Delete’. Exit the registry editor and reboot the PC.
3. Rundll files are located in the folder C:\Windows\System32. In some cases spyware or virus Trojans may be disguised as a Rundll32 file and may cause the error. If this is the case, try running an antispyware program or seek help from online resources that deal with spyware and malware threats.

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