WinDirStat is one of the most versatile Windows utilities available today. I don’t know why more people aren’t using it.
WinDirStat lets you visualize your hard drive space by separating it into nicely-colored squares and rectangles. It’s a great way to see exactly which parts of your computer are taking up the most space – and which parts you can safely delete to make more space.
Here are some of the key features of WinDirStat:
-It’s free
-It works on almost any PC
-It has a user-friendly interface (although the clashing colors can be a bit intimidating)
-You can understand your hard drive in ways you never understood it before
WinDirStat is so easy to use that I don’t even need to explain it any further. Just download it for free from then install it and run it. If you figured out how to access this website, then you can definitely figure out how to use WinDirStat.
After installing WinDirStat, you’ll see a “treemap” that represents each file as a colored rectangle. The area of each rectangle is proportionate to the amount of space that file or folder takes up on the drive.
You can see the contents of that folder by clicking the square. If that layout is too intimidating for you, then you can also browse through the top menu, which looks more like the classic Windows explorer menu.
Whether you’re clearing up space on your SSD or HDD, WinDirStat is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do it.

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