What is Smart System Care? This software is advertised as an advantageous program that optimizes your computer, fixes its errors, and cleans system. This was released by the PC Fixer Tools company. What the users don’t know is that it only pretends to be a free scanner. It doesn’t do anything beneficial at all until the users purchase it. At first glance, this software may look like a legitimate PC Optimization tool because of its interface and it performs a scan right away the second it appears on your computer, don’t let that fool you. A group of experience specialists and researchers have found several serious drawbacks on this software, making it unreliable and unsafe. The first thing that they noticed when they tried to do a system scan is that, it showed questionable results and it even considered WinRar as a threat despite it being a legitimate software. Hence, you should just ignore its results.
The Smart System Care’s free version, do not only show unreliable results but it also can’t fix any problem in your computer. Whenever users click the Repair button, they are asked to purchase its license for 23.95 EUR. Upgrading it does not guarantee that it will work efficiently on your computer unlike the free version. So if you don’t want to waste your money and time do not install it and if you’ve already installed it, have it removed right away for it will continue to run on your computer. It even uses your internet connection, slowing down its speed and wasting your internet bandwidth. You might also see a couple of pop-ups offering you to purchase a software at a discounted price. And if this remained on your system, it will be automatically launched even if you just closed it a moment ago. You can’t even change the settings, so the only way to stop it is by uninstalling it from your computer. Note that Smart System Care is associated with SystemKeeperPro and System Healer since they have similarities making them both potentially unwanted programs.
Researchers could not find Smart System Care’s official website. So like other unwanted programs, this could be distributed through bundled software. And as per our specialists, this software comes along with other possible unwanted programs by third-parties. If you can’t remember downloading any software recently, then this unwanted program could have got in your computer in a different way. No matter how it entered your computer, you need to remove it as soon as possible.
Removing Smart System Care:
Windows XP
Step 1: Click on the Start button located at the lower-left corner of the screen.
Step 2: Choose Control Panel.
Step 3: Select Add or Remove Programs.
Step 4: Select the Smart System Care application and click the Remove button.
Windows 7/Vista
Step 1:  Click on the Start button.
Step 2: Select Control Panel and proceed to Uninstall a program.
Step 3:  Right-click on Smart System Care and Uninstall it.
Windows 8/8.1/10
Step 1:  Press Win+X simultaneously.
Step 2:  Select Control Panel.
Step 3:  Click Uninstall a program .
Step 4:  Select the Smart System Care application and click Uninstall.
If you want a legitimate and trusted program that can boost, clean, optimize your computer and remove malicious software, then we recommend you install PC Cleaner Pro. You can download it on its official website, cracx.com.

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