What is Error 0x00000050?

Windows Error 0x00000050 is also known as the Blue Screen of Death. It is a stop error code that usually occurs when you try to open or start your computer, load a program and even while the program is running. This error can abruptly appear when you reboot your computer after the installation of  Windows XP Service Pack (SP1) on your computer. Just like what it is known for, it does not show you any warning at all and just displays a blue screen containing some codes and stops whatever you are doing in your computer. This error message is prompted in the following format: “Stop 0x00000050 (parameter1, 0, parameter3, parameter4) PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA”.


Common causes of Error Code 0x00000050:

  • Poor computer maintenance.
  • Registry issues- like bad registry keys, invalid entries, corrupt and damaged registry.
  • Incompatible Dll files.
  • Corrupt system files- Pool corruption in the Srvnet.sys file.
  • Spyware and viruses.
  • Overheating of computer components.
  • Conflict between Windows XP SP1 and the display adapter drivers that are currently installed on your computer.

It is recommended to fix error code 0x00000050 on your computer as soon as possible, for blue screen of deaths are fatal and can cause serious damage like system crashes, failure and valuable data loss to your computer if ignored.

How to repair Error Code 0x00000050

To prevent the destruction of your computer, just follow these quick and easy solutions.
Solution One: If error is caused by conflict between Windows XP SP1 and display adapter drivers:
Step 1. Restart your computer and press F8. On the Windows Advanced Options Menu, use the arrow keys to navigate and select Safe Mode.

Step 2. Once you select it press Enter. Then use the arrow keys to select the operating system, press enter to start your computer in safe mode.
Step 3. Go to start, click Run and then type msinfo32 in the dialog box and press OK to continue. Then under the System Summary option, expand Components and then click Display to note the information that corresponds to the INF File Item. And then simply quit the utility.
Step 4. After that, go to the start menu again and then My Computer and Properties option.
Step 5. Press the Hardware Tab and then click the Device Manager tab. Go to the Display Adapters option and press the option Uninstall. To confirm action press OK.
Step 6. Once again, go to the start menu and Run and then type the following commands illustrated below and after each command press enter.

  • ren %systemroot%\inf\INF file name from Step 5.inf *inf.old
  • ren %systemroot%\inf\INF file name from Step 5.pnf *pnf.old

This procedure may look pretty lengthy but it is worth it. Once you insert the commands, close all open windows and then reboot your system. Now download the latest drivers for your display adapter and install. This will hopefully resolve 0x00000050 error code on your system.
Solution Two: If the error is caused by Overheating of Computer Components.
If this happens, allow your computer to cool down after a long period of time by switching it off. And then start again after a couple of hours.
Solution Three: If the error is caused by malware or virus.
When your computer is infected with either a malware or a virus, it can cause many things including the blue screen of death errors. It is recommended to scan your computer using a reputable and trusted anti spyware/malware like the SpyRemover Pro to identify the threat and have it removed from your computer. This software simultaneously detects and removes all kinds of malware and viruses.
Solution Four: If the error is caused by Registry issues.
If the error still persists after trying all the solutions given above, then this could mean that the cause of the error is deep rooted and is related to the Windows registry. Registry stores all your system files and activities performed on your PC. It usually gets damaged and corrupt if it is not cleaned frequently.
The registry loads with unnecessary and obsolete files like junk files, cookies, internet history, bad registry keys and invalid entries. These files if not removed, accumulate and damage the registry, dll files and system files too thereby generate Blue Screen of Death errors like 0x00000050 error messages.
You can clean and repair the registry manually but it requires a great deal of expertise. The ideal and the easiest way to deal with it is to download PC Cleaner Pro. This is a highly functional and easy to use software. It is embedded with multiple powerful utilities including such as a registry cleaner, an antivirus and a system optimizer. The registry cleaning feature scans for all errors related to the registry. It removes obsolete files, invalid entries, restores damaged dll and system files.

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