One of the worst errors you can encounter is the Blue Screen of Death error code 0XC000000F. Even though it seldom occurs, it does not mean that your computer is safe from its destruction. You have to be aware that your computer is exposed to many issues one of which is the Windows error code 0XC000000F. The error code 0XC000000F is related to your Windows Boot Manager. This only means that whenever you start your computer, that is the when you encounter the error.

The error code 0XC000000F contains this message: “Your PC needs to be repaired. The boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors. File:\boot\bcd Error code: 0Xc000000f. You’ll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If you don’t have any installation media (like a disc or USB device), contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer.”
These are the reasons why your operating system may not read booting configuration data.

  • Corrupt boot sector because of power outages, virus or malware infection.
  • Faulty or damaged hardware.
  • Damaged hard disk due to power outages.
  • Improper shutdown and/or power outages that results to corrupt system files.
  • Corrupt or bad registries.

Follow the given solutions below t o fix error code 0XC000000F.

Method #1: Disable the peripheral hardware.

  1. Remove all of the hardware connected to your computer except the essentials; the keyboard and mouse.
  2. Remove any CD, USB, and DVDs from their ports on your computer.
  3. Reboot your computer and check if your computer starts normally.

After that, you have to identify the damaged hardware just in case your computer now starts without any problem and without the error code 0Xc000000f.

Method #2: Restart your computer with the BOOTREC.EXE utility.

  1. Reboot your computer.
  2. Put in the Windows DVD or USB installation disk in its respective drive.
  3. Reboot your computer once again and press any key if you are prompted to do so.
  4. Choose the correct date, time, currency, language and keyboard and then click Next.
  5. Choose the operating system that needs to be repaired.
  6. Click Command Prompt under the System Recovery Options.
  7. Type in exe in the Command prompt and then press Enter.

The bootrec.exe utility will begin automatically and will attempt to repair the boot configuration data. It will then restart the computer automatically. That should fix the error  0Xc000000f and your computer should start running without any issues.

Method #3: Alternate solution.

  1. Reboot your computer.
  2. Put in the Windows DVD or USB installation disk in its respective drive.
  3. Reboot your computer once again and press R.
  4. Click Troubleshoot.
  5. Click Command Prompt.
  6. Type in bootrec/FixMbr and press Enter.
  7. And then type in bootrec/FixBoot then press Enter.
  8. Type in bootrec/ScanOs and press Enter.
  9. Type bootrec/RebuildBcd then press Enter.

The bootrec.exe utility will now automatically start to rebuild the BCD and should resolve the error code 0Xc000000f.
Use a good and trusted utility like PC Cleaner Pro to resolve any issues on your computer. The error code 0Xc000000f might also be caused by corrupted and bad registries on your computer, that’s why it is essential to have a useful utility like PC Cleaner Pro to repair corrupt and bad registries as well as clean your computer from junk files and boost your computer’s performance. Not only that, PC Cleaner Pro also optimizes your system so that your computer will function at the utmost ability.
If you find that the problem is still there after you’ve followed all the given methods, it is best to have your computer checked by a professional.

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