The first floppy disk storage device, released in 1971, featured a storage capacity of just 79.75kb. By 1999, floppy disk storage capacity had risen to around 200MB on 3 ½ inch drives. Then, the CD came out, with 700MB of storage space, before making way for the DVD, with 4.7GB of storage space, and finally the Blu Ray, with between 25GB and 50GB of storage space.
Well, it looks like the storage capacity industry is about to make its biggest leap ever. In a little over a year, Sony and Panasonic have plans to release an optical disc with an amazing 300GB storage capacity.
Now, before you get too excited, you need to remember than there are flash drives with 1TB of storage space, and cloud storage services basically offer an unlimited amount of online storage. Optical discs, for that reason, have fallen out of favor. Today, users download their games and software online (both legally and illegally) and many laptops don’t even need to include optical drives.


However, Sony and Panasonic – two of the largest optical drive manufacturers in the world – clearly see a future for the beleaguered optical disc. Optical discs come with the following advantages:
-Resistant to environmental factors, like moisture, dust, high/low temperatures, and humidity
-Secure, physical storage space as opposed to the security risks of virtual cloud storage
And by 2015, you can add ‘300GB storage space’ to that list of advantages. Prepare to store every family photo you’ve ever taken in your life on a single disc. That’s what the future looks like.

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