What is JS:ScriptIP-inf? And how does it function?

JS:ScriptIP-inf is a dangerous and malicious program that functions as a Trojan horse so it can sneak into your system in the guise of a useful program, software update or a seemingly harmless file. This Trojan horse originated from JavaScript file. It is designed to bypass security programs on an infected computer. As a result, this Trojan horse remains undetected until it’s too late. The only indication that a computer is infected with JS:ScriptIP-inf is the noticeable system slowdowns which run a couple of processes in the background so it can perform malicious activities on the affected computer.
This particular Trojan is typically used to display intrusive pop-ups, banners and browser redirects to suspicious or malicious websites. So if you happen to be one of the unfortunate users who got infected with this Trojan, you will be forced to visit tech support scam, phishing, and malicious websites. However, that’s not the only thing it can do as it can also:

  • it could install other unwanted and malicious program;
  • it could also deliver fake software and fake updates;
  • it could also provide fake warnings about certain virus detected in the system;
  • it could also gather personally and non-personally identifiable information and so on.

If it isn’t obvious, it’s clear that JS:ScriptIP-inf Trojan is not to be taken lightly as it is capable of lots of nefarious things. This is why you need to get rid of this Trojan as soon as possible.
How does JS:ScriptIP-inf circulate the web?
JS:ScriptIP-inf circulates the web in fake software and fake updates that are offered on suspicious and malicious websites. It could also be an attachment or links in spam emails. In addition, this Trojan can also be found on compromised websites so you need to avoid visiting shady and high-risk websites to avoid infiltration of JS:ScriptIP-inf Trojan and other dangerous threats.
Follow the removal guide below to terminate JS:ScriptIP-inf from your system.
Step 1: Restart your PC and boot into Safe Mode with Command Prompt by pressing F8 a couple of times until the Advanced Options menu appears.

Step 2: Navigate to Safe Mode with Command Prompt using the arrow keys on your keyboard. After selecting Safe Mode with Command Prompt hit Enter.
Step 3: After loading the Command Prompt type cd restore and hit Enter.

Step 4: After cd restore, type in rstrui.exe and hit Enter.

Step 5: A new window will appear, and then click Next.

Step 6: Select any of the Restore Points on the list and click Next. This will restore your computer to its previous state before being infected with the JS:ScriptIP-inf. A dialog box will appear, and then click Yes.

Step 7: After System Restore has been completed, open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc at the same time. Proceed to the Processes tab and look for the malicious processes of JS:ScriptIP-inf and end them all.

Step 8: Open Control Panel by pressing Start key + R to launch Run and type appwiz.cpl in the search box and click OK to open the list of installed programs. From there, look for any malicious program that could be related to the Trojan horse and then Uninstalls it.

Step 9: Tap Windows + E keys to open the File Explorer then navigate to the following directories and delete the malicious files created by JS:ScriptIP-inf.

  • %USERPROFILE%\Downloads
  • %USERPROFILE%\Desktop
  • %TEMP%

Step 10: Close the File Explorer.
Before you proceed to the next steps below, make sure that you are tech savvy enough to the point where you know exactly how to use and navigate your computer’s Registry. Keep in mind that any changes you make will highly impact your computer. To save you the trouble and time, you can just use [product-name] this system tool is proven to be safe and excellent enough that hackers won’t be able to hack into it. But if you can manage Windows Registry well, then, by all means, go on to the next steps.
Step 11: Tap Win + R to open Run and then type in regedit in the field and tap enter to pull up Windows Registry.

Step 12: Navigate to the paths listed below and delete all the registry values added by JS:ScriptIP-inf.

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\
  • HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop\
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce

Step 13: Close the Registry Editor and empty your Recycle Bin.
After you’re done with the steps given above, you need to continue the JS:ScriptIP-inf removal process using a reliable program like [product-name]. How? Follow the advanced removal steps below.
Perform a full system scan using [product-code]. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your computer. If it’s already on, you have to reboot
  2. After that, the BIOS screen will be displayed, but if Windows pops up instead, reboot your computer and try again. Once you’re on the BIOS screen, repeat pressing F8, by doing so the Advanced Option shows up.

  1. To navigate the Advanced Option use the arrow keys and select Safe Mode with Networking then hit
  2. Windows will now load the SafeMode with Networking.
  3. Press and hold both R key and Windows key.

  1. If done correctly, the Windows Run Box will show up.
  2. Type in the URL address, [product-url] in the Run dialog box and then tap Enter or click OK.
  3. After that, it will download the program. Wait for the download to finish and then open the launcher to install the program.
  4. Once the installation process is completed, run [product-code] to perform a full system scan.

  1. After the scan is completed click the “Fix, Clean & Optimize Nowbutton.
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