Grand Theft Auto V was recently released for consoles. Unfortunately, PC gamers will have to wait a few months before the PC version is released.
That means we’ll have to tide ourselves over with other excellent open world video games. Fortunately, PC gamers have a lot of them. We’ve collected some of the world’s best wide-open worlds and games into one easy list.
In no particular order, here are the best 6 open world PC games available to gamers today:

Grand Theft Auto IV

gta 4 mods

It’s no Grand Theft Auto V, but since 2008, PC gamers have been satisfied with GTA IV, which offers open world gameplay across the sprawling expanse of Liberty City, which is based on New York City.
The best part about GTA IV for PC is the mods and scripts available exclusively to PC gamers. These mods and scripts allow for some crazy scenarios, including flying around the world as Iron Man or installing photo-realistic graphics mods. Without a doubt, this is the best GTA game ever made for PCs – at least until GTA V is released onto the PC.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


The Elder Scrolls series has a long history of delighting PC gamers. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the pinnacle of the series thus far. With hundreds of hours of gameplay possibilities and a detailed open world to explore, Skyrim is truly one of the most amazing games ever made.
Just like with GTA IV, the mods are what truly make Skyrim for PC an awesome experience. Mods allow you to add flying airship homes to the skies above Skyrim, for example, and explore entirely new parts of the world created solely by community members. Choose a path of bad, evil, or a mixture of both and get ready to fly your dragon mount around a beautifully-detailed fantasy world.

Just Cause 2

just cause 2

Just Cause 2 is several years old but it remains exceptionally popular to this day due to its stellar gameplay and ridiculously large open world. Just Cause 2 is set in a fictional tropical country made up of several different islands and one massive city. You can BASE jump from snow-capped peaks into the desert or go for a cruise in a fighter jet to a creepy offshore island.
The PC version of Just Cause 2 features a multiplayer mod that aims to revolutionize the game. Instead of causing mayhem by yourself, you can cause mayhem in a world with dozens of other players. The multiplayer mod is still in development, although open beta weekends regularly take place and allow players to enjoy one of PC gaming’s most beautiful and detailed island environments.

Saints Row 4

saints row 4 fix pc

Saints Row is the psychotic sibling to the Grand Theft Auto series. Although the first two Saints Row games were very similar to GTA, the last two Saints Row games have branched out into increasingly zanier worlds filled with zombies, aliens, superpowers, and other crazy things.
Saints Row 4 is the latest entry in the series. It gives players superpowers and a thoroughly unique storyline to explore. If you enjoyed Saints Row 3 and the vibrant city life, then Saints Row 4 is all that and more.

Far Cry 3

far cry 3

If you’ve got a PC with a good video card, then I highly recommend installing Far Cry 3, which is one of the best-looking PC games ever made. This game constantly wows players as they travel around a fictional island country populated by crazy tribal locals and an evil consortium of criminals – with a few innocent villages full of people scattered along the way.
You can hang glide, hunt animals, jump from waterfalls, and get eaten by sharks. It’s a tropical chaos simulator filled with caves and sunken temples to explore. And the amazing open world is just one part of what makes Far Cry 3 an excellent game: just wait till you work your way through the storyline.



Minecraft is truly a game like no other. Minecraft is the only game on this list with a virtually unlimited landscape to explore. When you hop into your Minecraft world, you’re just a lonely player with a pickaxe who must make shelter and ward off enemies at night – including creepers that can blow you up.
The horizon stretches a near endless distance, and the game automatically generates terrain as you go. Every game world is different, and players can explore everything from cold tundra landscapes to an entirely new dimension called the Nether.
The possibilities in Minecraft are as endless as the horizons. You can play with dozens of your friends and make enormous structures, or you can play solo survival mode and create mountain fortresses that tower above the landscape.
Whatever you choose to do, PC gaming doesn’t get much more open world than Minecraft. Minecraft also has one of the most thriving modding communities in the history of PC gaming, opening up a realm of possibilities of which console gamers can only dream.

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