Reddit is one of the internet’s most addicting drugs. If you’re smart, then you already stopped reading this article as soon as you saw “Reddit”.
But if you want to embrace the addiction and get the most out of Reddit, then here is a list of tips and tricks that will help maximize your Reddit experience.

Use the Best Mobile Reddit Apps

Reddit apps have been hit and miss ever since the site first launched. Today, users have a slew of options to help them navigate Reddit’s admittedly confusing interface.
Some of the most popular apps for Android include:
Sync for Reddit
Relay for Reddit
-Swipe for Reddit
Reddit is Fun
Reddit Offline
Obviously, these apps will help you immensely if you can’t get enough Reddit on your computer and you want to take it on-the-go.

How to Find the Most Popular Subreddits

The front page of Reddit is just a preview of the thousands of community-oriented subreddits you’ll find across the site.
Sorting through all of these subreddits can be a nightmare – especially since some of them come with weird names. The WWE wrestling subreddit, for example, is found at (the name comes from the fact that the wrestling ring is a squared version of a circle – or something like that).
To get a handle on the most popular subreddits out there today, check out this list from Reddit Metrics. You can see the most popular overall subreddits, a history of popular subreddits, and even visuals for subreddit popularity over time.
Subreddits are sorted by number of subscribers, with the most popular subreddit (/r/AskReddit) currently holding down a narrow lead with 10.7 million subscribers.

Add a P to the URL to Make a Reddit Slideshow

Some of the best subreddits are image-based. One neat thing you can do with image-based subreddits is add a “p” to the URL” to make a slideshow.
reddit slideshow 2
For example, if you want to see a slideshow of the cutest puppies in the world (and destroy your productivity for the day), check out:
You can now use arrow keys to browse through the most popular posts on the subreddit. That slideshow feature works on all subreddits, image-based and otherwise.

Unblock Reddit at Work or School

Has your work or university (wisely) banned Reddit from its internet? There are easy ways to get around it.
The best way to get around Reddit site block restrictions is to type in, which will somehow sneak past the majority of website blockers used by workplaces and schools.
Alternatively, you can add a “+” symbol to the end of a Reddit URL if only a certain subreddit is blocked. For example, you can visit if the normal link to /r/hockey is blocked.

Comment Smarter

Reddit’s commenting functionality is fairly basic. However, there are a few tips and tricks built into the program that help you quickly bold, italicize, or strike through your text. Those shortcuts include:
-Type in Italics: Use an asterisk to write the text you wish to place in asterisks like *Italicize this font*
-Type in Bold: Use two asterisks to bold text like **bold this font**
-Use Strike Through: Use tilde keys if you want to strike through text using double tildes like ~~strike through this text~~
Ultimately, Reddit is one site you should never ever visit if you want to remain productive at work and have a thriving future career. Avoid it. Don’t follow the above tips. You’re going down a dark hole.

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