So you just bought a new PC. You’re probably pretty excited. Getting a new computer is like opening a whole new chapter in life – that is, if you’re a nerd like me.
Whether you’re a geek who just bought a $2,000 gaming PC or you just purchased a netbook for college, there are some things you should do to optimize your brand new PC. These tips will help keep your laptop PC running for as long as possible and will ensure that it’s running as fast as possible from Day 1:
3) Go to your ‘Uninstall’ menu
Most new PCs come laden with extra software you don’t need. Instead of letting that software constantly run in the background and drag down your computer’s performance, get rid of it instantly by going to your uninstall menu. In Windows 7, simply type ‘uninstall’ into the Start menu search bar and then press enter. In Windows XP, go to the Control Panel and find the Add/Remove Programs button (not that you’d be buying a brand new Windows XP computer nowadays).
Once there, look for any programs that you don’t think you’ll use. If you bought an HP computer (a company notorious for pre-installing unnecessary programs on user PCs), then look for any programs that start with ‘HP’ and uninstall them if you don’t think you need them. In many cases, users don’t even have full access to these programs; instead, the computer comes pre-installed with free trials and users need to purchase the full versions on their own.
Uninstall as many programs as possible, but don’t touch any Windows programs or applications that look essential to the health of your computer. Other than that, be liberal with the uninstall button. It will speed up your computer and free up space on your hard drive.
2) Install all of your programs at once
Usually, when you get a new PC you have to install all sorts of essential programs on it. You might want to install alternative browsers like Chrome or Firefox, for example, as well as messaging applications like AIM or Skype and media players like VLC or iTunes. It can take hours to download and install all of the programs you need.
But fortunately, one software programmer has designed an easy – and free – solution to this age-old problem. Instead of installing each program individually, you can simply download a tool called Ninite that automatically installs every program you need. Just go to the website, check the programs you want to install, then download the installer and let it go to work.
Ninite will even keep all your programs up to date. It’s 100% free and doesn’t feature any toolbars, adware, or any of that junk. There are dozens of different programs for users to install.
1) Customize your desktop and taskbars
What fun is a new PC if it just looks like everybody else’s computer? Customize your computer by adding useful links to the taskbar. Drag the programs you installed in Step 2 down into the taskbar in order to dock them there and have fast access at all times.
You should also find cool new wallpaper. Use a free wallpaper site like to find a picture you like for any resolution.

If you want to go the extra mile with desktop customization, consider using a program like Rainmeter. Rainmeter is a 100% free way to add all sorts of cool functionality to your desktop. You can easily make your desktop look like this, for example:
Download Rainmeter today by clicking here.
If you’re ready to speed up your new PC even further, download your free trial of PC Cleaner Pro today. Users have access to PC Cleaner Pro for life, which means you can scan your PC on a regular basis in order to ensure it’s as fast as possible at all times.

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