While most people know about the easiest ways to fix your PC – like by running a computer maintenance program or cleaning out the dust inside your case – there are people out there who like to try more unconventional methods of PC repair. Here are a few of the most popular methods that we’ve heard of.

Extending your wireless signal with tinfoil

Wireless cards and routers come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. However, you don’t necessarily have to spend big bucks if you want to get a strong and powerful wireless signal wherever you go. Using a simple homemade solution, you can easily double or triple the range and connectivity of your wireless signal.
Simply cut out a few sheets of tinfoil can (or attach tinfoil to another surface) in order to create a parabola shape (a sheet with a slight curve). Then, stick this sheet behind the antenna(s) of your router and watch your speed and wireless signal increase. If you don’t see an immediate increase, try moving your tinfoil surface around a bit in order to find the optimum spot.

Removing your case and cooling your PC with a large fan

This trick is popular with amateur over-clockers – those who want to squeeze every ounce of performance out of their PC. However, it can help even average PC users extend the lifetime of their computer. Simply turn off your PC, remove part of its case, and then place a fan directly beside it, facing inward to direct air at the components. This moves air through your PC as quickly as possible and can help prevent parts from overclocking.
This trick is often seen in the summertime, as this is when even the most well-cooled PC can begin to overheat while running intensive tasks. In some extreme cases, people also attach icepacks to this fan in order to ensure that the air is as cool as possible. However, we don’t recommend this, as these icepacks often create moisture as they warm up, and this moisture can damage your components.
Of course, if you’ve already gone to these great lengths in order to cool down your PC, then you might want to try other creative solutions as well. Turn up your air conditioning as far as it goes, for example, or open your windows and doors on a cold day for maximum cooling effectiveness. Remember: having an overheated PC is dangerous.

DIY surround sound

Many of us would like to have surround sound on our PCs, but our computer rooms are just not the right fit for it. If that problem sounds familiar to you, then there is an easy fix: simply attach your surround sound speakers to the back of your computer chair using duct tape or some other adhesive. Or, if you’re feeling more ambitious, create a wood box within which your speakers can sit and then attach that to your office chair.
Obviously, this trick only works for smaller surround sound speakers. However, it can give you a theater-like experience at a fraction of what it would cost for a real high-tech computer chair. While it may not look great, it’s certainly a unique and unconventional way to fix your PC.

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