I’ve used iTunes since the first iPod came out. The first version of iTunes was excellent. It let me quickly and easily organize my music files without dragging down system performance or shoving ads in my face.
Over time, iTunes has undergone a number of major upgrades. Most of these upgrades have made the software significantly worse. That’s why it may be time for you to choose better music playback software.
Today, I’m going to tell you about the top 5 best free iTunes alternatives available online today. These programs are ranked in no particular order:

4) MediaMonkey

If you like the iTunes interface but not iTunes, then Mediamonkey is a good replacement. It features a very similar interface to iTunes but also lets users download and install skins to modify the software’s appearance.

media monkey

Better yet, you can sync your Android, iPhone, iPod, and other music playback devices to the software with ease, which means you don’t have to ever switch back to iTunes again.

3) Winamp

Winamp is one of the oldest music playback software programs available for PC and Mac.
Winamp is popular due to its extensive customization options. Users can completely change the skin of the Winamp player and modify it to blend in with various themes or desktop apps.

winamp 1

Despite all of these customization options, Winamp remains simple to use and lets you easily manage music. It’s also able to play a bunch of different audio formats so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your audio files to work.
If you’re the type of person who likes to customize your PC and its software, then Winamp is an excellent choice.

2) MusicBee

MusicBee is an easy and effective music management and playback application designed to help you find and play songs on your PC. It features a distinctive orange and dark grey interface along with support for tags, playlists, and more.


There are also advanced audio tools that let you change encoding profiles and encode songs in different formats. Most users won’t ever need to access these settings, but they’re there if you need them.

1) Foobar2000

If you want a barebones audio player with support for a wide range of audio files and no fluff, then foobar2000 is an excellent choice. Foobar2000 supports all major audio formats in gapless playback. You can customize keyboard shortcuts and tag all of the songs in your database.
It doesn’t have the extended features and tools of other audio playback software, but if you just want a simple tool that organizes and separates your music into easy-to-manage categories, then Foobar2000 is an awesome choice.

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