Uh oh. Your computer’s broken. For some people, their immediate reaction is to call tech support. Unfortunately, tech support services like Geek Squad can be expensive and irritating to work with. Every computer repair service seems to cost $50 or $100 more dollars than you would expect, and the ultimate result is that you are paying far more for PC repairs that they should actually cost.
Today, we’re going to teach you how to beat tech support and fix your own computer – even if you have no tech experience at all.
4) Restore your computer
System restore is by far the easiest way to fix a computer. It generally won’t repair hardware problems, but it is an effective way to reverse any damage you may have caused to your system files and other program information. Basically, system restore works by resetting your computer to an earlier time period. Windows schedules system restore points by default, which means that you should have a few different points to choose from when you’re trying to fix your PC.
To access system restore, go to your Windows programs list and find the Accessories folder. Then, find the System Tools folder. System Restore will be under that list.
You won’t lose your files and documents with system restore, but you will lose any newly installed programs, driver updates, and any other changes you may have made to applications.
3) Perform an antivirus scan
A system restore won’t always fix your problems. Some viruses are smart enough to hide from system restore, while others are simply too deeply embedded in your hard drive to be affected by it.
To get around this issue, try performing an antivirus scan. Of course, you should have done this the moment something went wrong with your computer. Not all antivirus programs are made equal, so make sure you’ve done your research and chosen a good one. In general, free antivirus programs do not provide sufficient protection for your system, which means you’ll have to shell out a few dollars for a premium program. Check out a program like Comodo if you don’t already have antivirus software installed.
2) Uninstall unfamiliar programs
Not all viruses are clever enough to embed themselves deep within your hard drive. Some will hide in plain sight. Go to your Uninstall programs menu (found under the Windows Control Panel) and take a glance through the list of programs you have installed. Are there any programs you’re not familiar with? Do any of your applications have a suspicious sounding name?
If you’re unsure whether a program is a virus or not, search Google for its name. Other people may be in the same situation as you, and if that program is a scam, then the internet will quickly root it out.
1) Install PC Cleaner Pro
A trip to PC tech support can cost several hundred dollars. In many cases, even the most expensive problems can be fixed using PC software. Try out PC Cleaner Pro for free by clicking here.
Perform a PC Cleaner Pro scan on your PC and you’ll be amazed at how many problems it can dig up. From minor software tweaks to complete antivirus support, PC Cleaner Pro has helped many users save an expensive trip to the PC tech shop.

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