64-bit apps are the best way to take advantage of your 64-bit operating system. In fact, they’re the only way.
Most new PCs these days come with 64-bit operating systems. Most users won’t notice the difference, but 64-bit processors do a significantly better job of allocating CPU processing power. That means faster performance in all sorts of different programs and better PC speeds overall.
Today, I’m going to list the best 64-bit apps currently available for Windows PCs. Best of all, all these apps and programs are free:

5) iTunes 11

iTunes was never the best media playing software, but it was always the most convenient. After all, if you use any type of Apple device, then iTunes is the only way you can access that Apple device over your computer.
Every update to iTunes these days seems to make it worst. Today, iTunes is slow, clunky, and confusing to use. Fortunately, iTunes 11 recently received a speed boost. The 64-bit iTunes 11 doesn’t change the annoying UI, but it does make media playback, processing, and management much faster.

4) Microsoft Office 2013 – Professional Edition

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all have 64-bit versions for 64-bit operating systems. These 64-bit versions offer the usual speed and performance improvements, but they also reduce crashes and allow for faster editing and processing.
If you use Microsoft Office software every day at work, then the 64-bit versions of Office can make a big difference. You can check out the 60 day Microsoft free trial here.

3) WinRAR

64-bit WinRAR lets you extract and zip files in hardly any time at all. The 64-bit version offers considerable speed improvements over previous versions of the program. It can also open .rar, .zip, .cab, .arj, .LZH, .TAR, .GZIP, .ISO, and 7-zip files, among many others.

64 bit winrar

It’s a powerful software program that truly benefits from the increased processing power of 64-bit PCs.

2) Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer has a huge reputation problem. Namely, most people around the world think Internet Explorer sucks.
Microsoft is gradually changing that opinion by offering better and better versions of the browser. Internet Explorer 10 is the best version to date and it offers unique 64-bit advantages over the competition.
Namely, 64-bit IE10 isolates each browser tab from one another, which means that when one of your browser tabs crashes (which seems to happen quite a bit with IE), the other tabs will not crash. Chrome and Firefox both suffer from this problem where one tab will crash your entire browser, but thanks to the 64-bit power of IE10, that’s no longer an issue here.

1) VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is the best free media player available on PC today. I haven’t found too many music, audio, or video files that VLC can’t handle, and it even manages DVDs and CDs with ease.

64 bit vlc

Whatever file format you’re using, VLC’s 64-bit infrastructure offers the best multimedia playback you can find on a PC. It’s a Swiss Army Knife for your computer and it’s faster and smoother than ever before.

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