CES 2013 is one of the nerdiest events of the year for electronics fans. And in this day and age, who isn’t a fan of electronics? From robots to throwback consoles and more, CES 2013 had plenty of toys to entertain attendees. Here are a few of our favorite picks from the January 2013 event:

5) SupaBoy Throwback Console

When you look at vintage gaming controllers, it seems crazy how little power they had compared to today’s devices. Most of us have phones that are more powerful than five-year old computers, and comparing them to gaming devices from twenty or more years ago would just be unfair.
But instead of letting modern technology make you feel old, let it make you feel young again with the SupaBoy controller. The SupaBoy resembles a SNES controller, but it’s actually more than that. It’s an entire Super Nintendo chipset stuffed into a lightweight gaming controller. There are even ports for your old game cartridges as well as an AV-out port that you can plug into your TV.
Plug in a couple controllers and have a blast playing around with the old Nintendo games you loved to play growing up. Sold at a price of $80, the SupaBoy combines the magic of modern technology with the timeless entertainment of old school video games.

4) Assault coworkers in the most entertaining way possible

If you live in a fun office environment, then you’ve probably played a few small pranks on coworkers. But forget about small pranks, because when you buy a new series of DreamCheeky toys, you’re committing an all-out toy assault on your coworkers.
Just take a look at that anti-aircraft nerf gun device, or the floating Portal Gun-esque helicopter. Called the iThunder Launcher and the iStrike Shuttle, these toys are sure to be annoying office workers for years to come. You can attack your coworkers from the air and from the ground, and you can control it all using your phone’s Bluetooth connection.
And at a price of $130 and $90, respectively, you better hope your coworkers don’t swat your iThunder Launcher or iStrike Shuttle angrily off your desk.

3) The robot that automatically cleans your windows and doesn’t complain about it

Cleaning windows isn’t a very fun job. If you live in an apartment, cleaning outside windows is downright dangerous (and probably not your job anyways), and even those in smaller houses can spend far more time and effort cleaning upper story windows than they should.
That’s a first world problem that the Winbot seeks to solve. The Winbot comes from the same people who made the Ecovac (which is kind of like the Roomba). The Winbot sticks to the outside of windows and automatically moves over them until it is completely clean. It will clean hard-to-reach spots, dangerous spots, and any other marks of grime or dirt that are really bugging you.
At a price of $299 and $399, the Winbot 7 should probably be considered a luxury item. But hey, finding a spare 20 minutes and a bottle of Windex isn’t as easy as it sounds.

2) Dancing robots that can probably dance better than you

When you hear something like ‘dancing robots’, you would be inclined to think of jerky arm movements and unnatural waist bending. But the actual ‘robot’ dance move is a thing of the past. Today’s dancing robots can actually dance – and they do it a whole lot better than I do. Just take a look at this video:
You’re probably thinking those robots are nowhere near your budget. But you would be wrong. The MRobo costs just $199. It’s actually a portable speaker first and a dancing robot second, but it’s pretty good at doing both.
I don’t know about you, but if I walked into a club and saw a couple of those robots moving around on the dancefloor I would be convinced I walked through a time portal into the future. At the very least, it would be a cool (and affordable) way to spice up your next house party.

1) Displair – the touchscreen in thin air

You know when I just said that dancing robots would make me think I was in the future? I take that back. Seeing the Displair makes me feel like I’m living in the future right now. The Displair – if you can believe it – is a touchscreen made out of tiny water droplets.
How does it work? Well, the Displair shoots water droplets into the air using a continuous stream of compressed air. These water droplets create a sheet, and then you use a projector to display an image on that sheet. Through some wizardly magic, that screen becomes responsive to your touch.
Don’t expect to play video games or perform complex spreadsheet operations on the Displair. But if you want to make the entrance to your office building an unforgettable experience for clients, then the Displair is a good corporate luxury item at $10,000.

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