If you’re a PC gamer, then you might look down upon our console brethren.
How can you even play games with 30fps framerates? Are these really next-gen graphics? How do I install mods?
All of these are valid complaints about console gaming. But as with every E3, the superiority of PC gamers has been challenged.
This year’s E3 revealed a bunch of cool console-exclusive games. And yes, popular games like GTA V and Far Cry 4 are indeed coming to PC, but there are still a wide range of games you’ll only find on the Xbox One and PS4.
Thinking about buying a next-gen console? Here are some games that should sway you:

5) NHL 15

FIFA 15 recently made headlines for its decision to release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. More importantly, all three platforms will receive the same version.
That means PC gamers no longer have to experience a poorer, watered-down version of the game they love.
nhl 15
Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for NHL 15 or Madden, neither of which will arrive on PC. If you’re an NHL fan who has been waiting for years for a PC release, then 2015 is not your year. Like San Jose Sharks fans always say, next year is your year.

4) Madden NFL 15

Today, most game developers release their games on PCs and consoles. Unfortunately, sports games still avoid the PC. Madden, like the NHL franchise, hasn’t developed a PC game in ages.
That’s unfortunate, because there are a lot of sports fans on the PC who could use another dose of their favorite football game.
madden 15
The funny part about Madden NFL is that it’s going to be released one year after Madden NFL 25. NFL 25 was the 25th anniversary of the acclaimed series. From now on, it looks like Madden will follow the same naming system as EA’s other sports titles.
If you want to play Madden NFL 15, then you’re going to need a PS4 or Xbox One.

3) Destiny

Destiny is Bungie’s first major post-Halo project. Activision Blizzard has already pumped $500 million into the project.
Microsoft isn’t acknowledging Destiny because it comes with a bunch of PS4 exclusives. PS4 users, for example, can start playing the Destiny beta this week, while Xbox One owners won’t get the chance until July. The full version will also be released on PS4 before Xbox One.


We don’t know a lot about Destiny but it’s a sci-fi first-person-shooter set in an open world. The developers have tried to make the world feel “alive” – although we don’t really know what that means.
From the Destiny trailer, we know that mankind has spent centuries colonizing the stars and the planets in our solar system. Unfortunately, our colonizing went awry when a mysterious force called “the darkness” returns.
Personally, I can’t wait to see what Destiny brings to the table. If Bungie is able to bring its renowned development skills and creative thinking to a new IP, then it could be something really special.

And yes, the voice in that trailer is Peter Dinklage’s. And yes, it looks a lot like Halo.

2) Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive takes all of the elements from today’s shooters and throws them out the window. It looks more like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater than a modern day shooter.
In Sunset Overdrive, mutants fuelled by energy drinks have taken over Sunset City, which looks a lot like Los Angeles. Players use a diverse range of creative guns and weapons to slay their enemies and restore life to the city.
It’s as crazy as you expect. Check out the trailer to see the game’s unique and colorful art direction in action:

Sunset Overdrive will only be available on PS4 and Xbox One.

1) No Man’s Sky

Out of all the games listed here, No Man’s Sky has the biggest question mark over it. It’s an extremely ambitious game. It would be extremely ambitious for an entire studio to tackle, but the game is being designed by a team of just four developers.
The trailer below explains more about No Man’s Sky:

Basically, players can explore an infinite world which, like Minecraft, never stops generating. The game already looks beautiful. Oh, and did I mention there’s multiple planets to explore?
That’s right: this is an infinite universe and players can travel between worlds using spaceships. You discover new creatures in every planet and enjoy beautiful, colorful scenery.
If No Man’s Sky achieves what it’s aiming to achieve, it could be an insanely fun game to play. It’s only available on PS4. Although it’s not shown in the trailer, the game is expected to feature survival gameplay mechanics.
If you’ve ever wanted to travel from planet to planet exploring crazy environments, then this could be the game for you.
Don’t be afraid of console gaming. Hey, most PC gamers have a console of one type or another. There’s no law stating you have to solely enjoy PC games or solely enjoy console games: can’t we all just get along?

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