We all like using a fast PC. But your fast PC won’t be fast for long if you treat it like crap. That’s why smart PC users do a lot of little things that keep their PC in top working condition.
Today, I’ve made things easy for you by highlighting the 6 most important things smart PC users do to keep their computers running their best:

6) Run PC Cleaner Pro monthly


Some people choose to run PC Cleaner Pro monthly, while others do it on a weekly basis. There’s nothing wrong with either approach, especially since scans are completed within just a few minutes. I prefer the monthly approach just because my PC gets a nice clean reset every few weeks.
PC Cleaner Pro identifies and repairs hundreds of minor to major computer problems. When you first download it, you’ll encounter hundreds of errors. After fixing those errors, your PC will be sped up. For future scans, you may still encounter errors, but there will be much fewer errors compared to when you first scanned.

5) Change your power plan

Many PC users are surprised to learn that they’re not using their PC to the best of its abilities. Why? Their power settings are messed up. Go to your Windows search bar and type in Power Plan if you don’t believe me. Open the first thing that pops up and change your PC to High Performance to make sure your hardware is always running fast. I’m on a desktop PC and my performance plan was set to Balanced for whatever reason. On laptops, this can result in a significant boost in performance (and obviously a drop in battery life.

4) Turn Windows features off

Windows has plenty of features that you will never use. Fortunately, Microsoft lets you easily turn off these features in order to boost your performance. To do that, go to your Windows search bar and type in Turn Windows features on or off then press Enter. You’ll see a Window with a list of all Windows features. Uncheck the box beside Windows features that you don’t need and enjoy your performance boost. I recommend turning off Internet Explorer, Windows Media Center, Windows Gadget Platform, XPS processes, tablet PC components, and any other Windows features that you will probably never use. If you do need to use those processes at some point in the future, turning them back on is as easy as pie.

3) Run CCLeaner periodically


CCleaner is one of the best free PC programs available for download today. Most performance PC users are already using it, but for those who are not, you’re missing out on one of the easiest ways to keep your PC neat and tidy.
CCleaner wipes out all the unnecessary data collected by your internet browser as well as the temporary files that Windows holds onto for months. There’s no real reason to keep most of these files, and CCleaner lets you easily click and choose which parts to delete and which ones to keep.

2) Use a can of compressed air to dust out your computer every few months

150275-clean laptop

Dust buildup in computers can be gross. But it can also be a serious hindrance to performance. Dust clogs your PC’s fans, which means that the PC can’t cool itself, which means your PC overheats, which means your hardware is not running at its full potential.
Canisters of compressed air are cheap ($10 or so) and easy to use. Take your PC outside (or to any well-ventilated location) and open up the case and spray all of your fans. If you have a laptop, spray inside the vents and consider taking off the outside paneling. If you do this every few months, your PC should never overheat.

1) Instantly speed up your startup times

I don’t usually shut down my computer at night because I don’t like to wait for it to start up in the morning. But if you’re the type who likes to save energy and shut down your computer every night, then the following tip is a lifesaver:
-Go to your Start menu and type in msconfig
-Once the window opens, click on the Startup tab
-Uncheck any services you don’t need
-Click Apply and restart your computer to see if it loads more quickly
This removes programs from your Startup queue, which reduces the load on your PC as it starts up. It’s a simple change, but it’s one that can have a significant impact on performance.

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