If your computer has been having problems lately, then you probably want to troubleshoot it before you take it to an expensive computer repair shop – or throw it out the window.
Today, we’re going to show you how Firefox can fix your computer using these easy and effective plugins and add-ons.
Reduce your exposure to risk while browsing
Today, most viruses and malware are transmitted through the internet. Malicious files can enter your computer through emails, websites, and even PDF documents, and many of them can infect your PC before you even have time to realize that you’re on a dangerous website. Fortunately, Firefox has developed a number of plugins that can reduce your exposure to risk while browsing.
First, an applet called Remove Cookies For Website can quickly and easily remove any cookies that a website may have stored on your PC. Cookies are often used to redirect your PC to malicious websites, and users can easily disable a website’s cookies if they ever feel like the health of their PC is in danger. While other programs can delete all of the cookies on your PC, that is not always an ideal solution (some cookies, like the ones that save your login information for Twitter) are good.
Other websites use Java applications to install malicious software and viruses on your computer. In fact, Java is one of the most common ways in which a virus enters your system. Hackers can install Javascript applets even on trusted websites, meaning that your PC can instantly be infected even when you don’t think it is in danger. To protect you from these threats, use a Firefox addon called QuickJava, which gives users the ability to disable Javascript with a single click. You can also disable other scripts, like Silverlight and Flash.

Phishing protection

Some websites even having phishing schemes in place to steal your information. Instead of going to Facebook when you type it in on Google, a virus will redirect you to a site that looks like the Facebook login page. When you enter your information, it is immediately stolen by hackers. This is one example of a process called ‘phishing’.
Fortunately, this phishing protection tool will prevent that from happening to you. It uses a wide userbase as a judge of whether a website is valid or not. If a lot of users have decided that the site is dangerous, then PhishTank SiteChecker will get you out of there as quickly as possible to prevent any of your information from being stolen.
URL Fixer
Ever made a typo when entering a URL into your address bar, only to find yourself redirected to a malicious looking website that asks you if you want to fill out a survey? A Firefox add-on called URL Fixer is helping to proactively fix your PC by automatically correcting any typos you make while doing this. If you type in “fixmypcfree.cmo” for example, it will automatically correct that extention to .com to take you to our site. This may seem like a minor, insignificant add-on, but it can help protect you from phishing schemes, viruses, and other forms of malware.
Troubleshoot web development problems

If you’re a web developer, then Firefox has a number of plugins that can help you troubleshoot your website. If you need to scan your HTML, CSS, or Javascript codes for errors, a plugin called Firebug is an awesome way to fix computer problems. Not only can you quickly view and edit the coding of your webpage, but you can also debug it using Firebug’s extensive array of tools and features. For all of these reasons, Firebug is considered a must-have plugin for any professional web developer.

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