Firefox has slowly been losing ground over the past few years to Chrome.
Chrome consistently wins browser speed tests, and people appreciate browser speed more than any other quality. Firefox, for all its features, fell by the wayside.
But Firefox is a long ways away from being down and out. It’s still enjoyed by millions of users around the world every day.
A recent announcement from Firefox might bring millions more back to the original alternative browser.
Mozilla’s chief technology officer, Brendan Eich, recently published a blog post that harshly criticizes today’s internet browsers. Eich states:
“Every major browser today is distributed by an organization within reach of surveillance laws.”
Microsoft and Google have each been closely linked to NSA surveillance, and Google even has its own widespread surveillance state. Mozilla’s Firefox, on the other hand, is not closely linked to any government organization or corporation.
Firefox also has the advantage of being open-source. Eich claims that’s important because security researchers and organizations could create programs that deflect any and all surveillance attempts.

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So to be clear: this is not an announcement from Firefox claiming that they will become the world’s best anti-NSA browser. It simply states that Firefox has the potential to be the world’s best NSA-proof browser. 
But really, if you didn’t want people spying on your computer, then you probably should be using Firefox already. Chrome tracks just about everything you do online and gives that information to advertisers. But hey, if you don’t mind trading a few milliseconds of browser speed for lack of privacy, then Chrome is always the best option.
You can read the entire blog post here:

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