Microsoft Answers has existed for years. It has provided countless solutions to Windows users who are struggling to fix problems on their PCs. But today, Microsoft Answers is no more. Rising from the ashes of Microsoft Answers like a phoenix is a service called Microsoft Community.
Okay, there isn’t really a difference between Microsoft Answers and Microsoft Community. Microsoft Answers was just upgraded with a flashy new logo and interface. But still, if you’re looking for easy ways to fix your PC for free, then you’ll probably end up at the Microsoft Community website sooner or later.
The rebranding effort gives Microsoft Community a Windows 8-style interface. It’s minimalistic, colorful, and very square. Oh, and there’s lots of smiling people ready to help.
Just look at how happy these culturally diverse Windows users are after finding the answers they were looking for:


Clearly, Microsoft’s rebranding efforts are extending to every branch of the company. Pretty soon, none of Microsoft’s services will feature rounded edges or text-heavy paragraphs. Instead, it will be all about minimalism, square edges, and vibrant colors. We like what we see so far.

How to use Microsoft Community

Microsoft Community is separated into eight different categories based on various types of Windows products. Here are those eight categories along with links to each group of questions and answers:
Hotmail, Messenger, and SkyDrive (aka Windows Live services)
Internet Explorer
Office for Mac
Virus and Malware
Windows Phone
Simply click on the relevant category, then browse through a list of answers to find what you’re looking for. If you can’t find it, then you can ask a question and a Microsoft representative (or other users) will be happy to help.
Really, the biggest surprise of the Microsoft Community rebranding is the fact that they bothered to include Zune. Does anybody still use that thing?

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