Windows 8 hasn’t even been released yet, but already, some websites are looking ahead to the next version of Windows, which we suspect would be named Windows 9.
We already know what Windows 8 looks like. We know its features, its functionality, and its unique aesthetic appearance. But we don’t know one thing – how consumers will respond to it.
Over the last decade, Windows operating systems have gone on a continuous cycle of good/bad. The trend-setting functionality of Windows 98 was followed by the mediocrity of Windows ME. Next came Windows XP, which is still one of the most widely used operating systems in the world today, even more than a decade after its release. Microsoft followed up Windows XP with Windows Vista, which was basically a crappy beta-version of Windows 7, which was awesome.
If that trend continues, then Windows 8 will be horrible, but Windows 9 will be great. With that in mind, here are some trends that PC experts have suggested might appear in Windows 9.

Windows 9 features

Unity under a single operating system: Microsoft has already been doing this over the last few years. It has attempted to unify all its devices under a single operating system, which makes cross-system functionality much easier. Today, our Xboxes and PCs can already connect with one another, and Windows 8 phones and PCs will find it easier than ever to sync together. Expect this synchronization to be taken to another level in Windows 9.
Windows 8 interface everywhere: We can’t use the name ‘Metro UI’ anymore to describe Windows 8’s unique interface. Instead, Microsoft wants us to call it simply the “Windows 8 interface.” So that’s what we’ll do. Regardless of what you call it, the Windows 8 interface will likely continue to be seen in Windows 9, but instead of giving users the option to choose between the new and classic interfaces, expect to see a single interface in Windows 9. Ideally, this interface will be tweaked to combine the best features of both interfaces, something that Microsoft hasn’t really done with its Windows 8 interface.  windows-9
Cloud storage becomes more useful: It’s no secret that cloud storage is one of the biggest tech trends of the last few years. Cloud storage allows people to access their files and programs from any internet-connected device. This makes it easy for gamers to access their saved games regardless of which computer they’re playing on, and it helps people who work from both home and the office manage their documents more efficiently.

Windows 9 release date

We can’t accurately guess when Windows 9 will be released. However, Microsoft generally releases a new operating system every few years, and that would suggest an October 2015 release date for Windows 9.
But since Windows 8 is such a departure from the norm for Microsoft, this operating system cycle could change. Microsoft might decide to focus on expanding Windows 8 as much as possible,  or they could avoid releasing Windows 9 altogether. When we learn more about the Windows 9 release date, we’ll let you know.


Let’s make one thing clear: we’re not saying that Windows 8 is destined to fail. In fact, it could be a serious turning point for Microsoft, especially if Windows 8 tablets like the Surface start to take off. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to think about where Microsoft will turn next. Their next operating system might be called Windows 9, or it could be called something completely different.  At this point, everything is guesswork.

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