Windows 8 users don’t have a wide variety of apps to play around with. But that might soon be changing. Microsoft recently announced that Xbox users would soon be able to play Xbox Live Arcade Games over their Windows 8 computer.
Since Windows 8 and Xbox 360 are two separate operating platforms, Microsoft has created a program that bridges the gap between the two. That program is called Play, and it’s designed to allow XBLA games to play on Windows 8 devices – including tablets, touchscreen laptops, and anything else on which Windows 8 is installed.
So far, 15 games have been added to Play, and more are expected to come in the near future. Microsoft has released free trial copies of all of these games, although users will have to pay the full XBLA price if they want to download the full game (prices generally range between $2 to $5).
The full list of Xbox Live Arcade Games available through Play is right here:

-Elements: Special Edition
-Ilomilo+, Skulls of the Shogun.
-Hydro Thunder Hurricane, Rocket Riot 3D
-Reckless Racing Ultimate
-Gunstringer: Dead Man Running
-Microsoft Mahjong
-Microsoft Minesweeper
-Microsoft Solitaire Collection
-Pinball FX2
-Toy Soldiers 4
That’s a pretty good list filled with some of the Arcade’s most popular games, but it’s far from complete. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates about Microsoft Studios’ Play as we move forward!
Other games that have been rumored for transfer to Windows 8 include Jetpack Joyride, Angry Birds, Team Crossword, Fruit Ninja, and Gravity Guy, among others.

Play is already facing harsh criticism from PC gamers

Watch the above video on YouTube and read some of the comments. Notice that the like/dislike bar is dangerously close to a 50/50 split. Why all the hate for Windows 8 Play?
Well, PC gamers have had a good arcade system for years. It’s called Steam, and many PC gamers have a fierce loyalty to Steam and are proud of the work the company does to advance PC gaming.
Meanwhile, an update like Windows Play comes out which sets users back several years. With a miniscule 15 games (compared to thousands on Steam), it’s tough to see why any PC gamer would want to download Play – unless they’re really in love with one of those fifteen arcade games from their Xbox.
Steam is also world-renowned for its support of Indie app developers, which in turn draws more arcade games to the service. And its regular sales make sure gamers’ can always access the affordable gaming delicacies they deserve.

So to sum up: Steam = good and Microsoft Play = just okay. But if you’re using a device like the Microsoft Surface, then Play is certainly worth a download – especially if Microsoft adds more games to its database.
Learn more about Microsoft Play from Microsoft’s official website here

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