If you’ve had computer problems in the past, then you may have been tempted to take your computer into Geek Squad for repairs. If you did take your PC to Geek Squad for repairs, then you may have been shocked at how much their services cost.

Why is Geek Squad so darned expensive?

Geek Squad is expensive because it represents one of the biggest electronics retailers in the country – Best Buy. How many other tech support services can make that claim?
Because you (presumably) trust Best Buy, Geek Squad feels comfortable charging you a lot of money for even the most basic services. After all, why would a company attached to Best Buy charge far more than necessary for basic tech support?
The truth is that Geek Squad charges twice as much as most other PC tech support companies on the planet. While the company has gotten away with this for twenty years, the internet has made people smarter about alternative PC repair options out there.

Fixing a PC on your own: cheaper than geek squad

Unless you’re rich and don’t mind dropping a few hundred dollars on a computer repair bill, you probably want to get the best tech support at the lowest possible cost. At Geek Squad, this simply isn’t an option.geek-squad-pc-repair
You’re the most cost-effective PC repair person out there. Learning how to fix a PC problem yourself isn’t nearly as hard as you may think. The internet is a great place to find step-by-step guides that will walk you through every step of installing software, fixing Windows, and performing other PC maintenance jobs.
After looking at a few installation manuals online, you may be surprised at how easy many aspecs of PC repair are. In fact, when fixing problems on your computer, companies like Geek Squad will generally just ‘Google’ the problem – which is something you could do yourself in just a few seconds.
In fact, one of the best how-to resources on the internet can be found right here at the Fix My PC Free blog, where we offer no-nonsense advice on how to fix any computer. Our step-by-step repair manuals are particularly popular, as we walk you through every step on the way to fixing your computer.
Of course, not everybody is a tech geek, and even the most basic repairs can look like alien calligraphy to an inexperienced computer user. If you really don’t want to attempt to fix your PC on your own, then there are other alternatives out there.

Don’t want to fix it yourself? Try these alternatives

You can install free PC tech support software like PC Cleaner Pro. This will identity hundreds – if not thousands – of different problems on your computer. With the full version of PC Cleaner Pro, you can eliminate every single one of these problems, making your PC go faster and doing a better job than Geek Squad – all for a fraction of the price.
Often, the best tech support isn’t affiliated with a big-box retailer at all. Instead, try looking on local classifieds for computer repair technicians in your area. These professionals may not be affiliated with any company, but they’ll fix your computer just as well as anybody from Geek Squad could. And, many of them will only charge you if they are successfully able to fix your PC.
Ultimately, a quick Google search will turn up many PC repair alternatives to Geek Squad. Whether you’re having Windows problems or you just want help installing a program, a tech support company in your area can help.

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