If you’ve been researching PC Cleaner Pro, then you may have encountered the term “All-in-One Security & Performance Tool”. But what does that even mean? Basically, it means that PC Cleaner Pro is the only program you need to speed up and secure your PC. Today, we’re going to show you exactly what it means when PC Cleaner Pro promises to be ‘All-in-One’.

Many tools. One program

The major difference between PC Cleaner Pro and other types of software on the market is the fact that it contains several different tools in one package. Instead of just being an antimalware tool, or just speeding up your PC, it does both of those things – and more.
For example, PC Cleaner Pro contains privacy protection features, tools that speed your PC, and malware removal applications, among other things. It also speeds up your internet with its powerful internet optimization feature and optimizes memory allocation in your computer’s PageFile. When you also consider PC Cleaner Pro’s powerful registry cleaning abilities, it quickly becomes evident just how powerful this program is. These are elements of PC optimization that many people don’t even consider.


If you’re like me, then you don’t want to spend several hours a week speeding up your PC and making sure that it runs in tip-top shape. Instead, you want one program to easily configure your PC to its best possible settings. Thanks to PC Cleaner Pro’s all-in-one PC performance and repair capabilities, it offers better convenience than virtually any other program on the market.
From one simple menu, users can easily click on the PC optimization tool that they would like to run. You may want to click on the button that will scan your computer for malware, for example. Or, you may simply need to fix a few errors in your registry. Whatever your computer problems may be, PC Cleaner Pro makes it its duty to fix them quickly and easily with only a minimum level of input from the user.

Better value

While convenience is one major reason why people buy all-in-one PC security programs like PC Cleaner Pro, another major reason is value. In this economy (or in any economy), most people don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars in software programs for their PC. Instead, most people turn to free solutions or buy programs that cut corners. With PC Cleaner Pro, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on six different programs. Instead, its low cost is its biggest selling feature, offering an astounding level of value to every single one of its customers.
Another important thing to consider about the value of PC Cleaner Pro and other all-in-one PC security programs is the value of PC repairs. Today, PC repair is a booming industry. Computer viruses are infecting systems at an alarming rate, and many people are completely clueless what to do when something goes wrong with their PC. You can avoid the high costs of computer repair by investing in a good software program like PC Cleaner Pro 2012 today!

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