If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to fix your PC for free, then you might have stumbled upon reviews for PC Cleaner Pro. But why is PC Cleaner Pro free? And what can it actually do to help your computer? Today, we’re going to answer those questions for you.

PC Cleaner Pro is free to try

There is a big difference between software that is free and software that is free to try. PC Cleaner Pro is in the latter group. By making PC Cleaner Pro free to try, the developers have given consumers the chance to see what the program can do for their computers without ever spending a dime.
After downloading their free PC Cleaner Pro diagnosis, computer users can run the scan and see what problems their computer is currently experiencing. Even the healthiest computers are bound to have some hidden problems deep inside their hard drives, and PC Cleaner Pro’s free diagnosis works hard to root these problems out.
A scan will take a few minutes to complete. Once it’s finished, PC users will see a list of errors on their systems. Some errors will be critical – which means they should be solved as quickly as possible to protect your system – while others will be medium or minor – which means that fixing that error could simply speed up your PC’s performance.
Everything we’ve listed so far is available in the free version of PC Cleaner Pro. In order to fix your errors, however, you’ll need to upgrade to the complete version of PC Cleaner Pro.

How much does PC Cleaner Pro cost?

After performing a free scan, users can buy the full version of PC Cleaner Pro for $39.99. This is an affordable price for a multi-use program like PC Cleaner Pro, and even better, users have access to the program for the rest of their lives.
After paying for the full version of PC Cleaner Pro, all of the errors identified in the free diagnosis scan will instantly be removed from the system
Here are a few advantages users unlock with the full version of PC Cleaner Pro:

-Unlimited access and use of the program (scan your PC as much as you want for the rest of your life)

-Fix all errors on your system instantly
-Run PC Cleaner Pro on your laptop or desktop computer to speed it up and fix various problems
-Use a program that IT specialists around the world continue to use to fix customers’ computers


PC Cleaner Pro is used by PC tech professionals around the world. The developers of PC Cleaner Pro can’t afford to give away their flagship software for free – that would make investors mad. So they’ve come to a middle ground that works for both consumers and their investors. PC users get to try PC Cleaner Pro for free, and if they decide they like it, then the developers are rewarded with the full $39.99 purchase price for PC Cleaner Pro.
By downloading the free trial of PC Cleaner Pro today, you have nothing to lose. Give it a try to see what problems the program can solve on your computer – it’s a decision you won’t regret. Download PC Cleaner Pro’s free diagnosis scan today.

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