Microsoft gave away Windows 10 for free to Windows 7 and 8 users. They told you to upgrade Windows XP years ago after officially dropping support for the OS in 2014.
But in spite of all this hard work, there are still more Windows XP users in the world today than there are Windows 10 users.
That’s right: the latest market share figures have come out, and Microsoft’s Windows 10 adoption continues to be a little less than the company would like.
Windows 10’s market share appeared to be off to a perfect start after launch, claiming 5% of the global OS market in the first month.
But four months later, the rate of adoption has slowed. All the free users who upgraded to Windows 10 in the first month have dried up, and people continue to debate whether or not to buy brand new Windows 10 PCs.

Net Applications Reports Windows 10 Market Share is at 9%, While Windows XP is at 10.59%

Internet stat tracker Net Applications reports that this is what the current market share figures look like in the world of computer operating system as of November 2015:
-Windows 7: 56.11%
-Windows 8: 11.15%
-Other: 10.69%
-Windows XP: 10.59%
-Windows 10: 9.00%
-Mac OS X 10.10: 2.45%
As you can see, Microsoft is ahead of only Apple’s lowly Mac OS X when it comes to desktop computers. Nevertheless, that’s still a sharp rise over the past few months. Even in October 2015, Windows 10 was sitting at just 7.94% market share.
windows 10 market share

Windows 7 Still Dominates 56.11% Market Share

Windows XP is far from the biggest summit for Microsoft to climb. The company will need to chip away at the market share of its own most popular OS, Windows 7, if it wants Windows 10 to succeed.
To date, a whopping 56.11% of global computer users are running Windows 7. That’s down from a peak of 60.98% in June 2015 (right before the release of Windows 10).
Still, Microsoft has its goals set out for it as it continues to grow Windows 10 over the next few years.
What do you think? Will Windows 10 ever beat Windows 7? Or will the momentum continue to fizzle out before the December 2015 report gets released?
Optimistically, if Windows 10 continues to grow at the same rate, then it should easily pass Windows XP by January 2016. Microsoft will also be buoyed by new PC sales that will take place over the holiday season, when many people will be scooping up Windows 10 devices – including desktop operating systems.
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