I hope you don’t use Yahoo Voice. If you do, then your password could very well have been stolen today. A hacking group known as D33Ds Company used SQL injection to gain access to Yahoo Voice’s server files.
The result? 453,000 user accounts were posted onto the internet in a plain text file this morning, along with their password information. Although the original website where the passwords were posted is down, the information is currently being spread through torrents and other file sharing methods.
In other words, all Yahoo Voice users need to change their passwords immediately. If you find that you cannot access your account, or if it looks like your account has been compromised, make sure passwords to your other accounts are different. If you’re one of those people who use the same password for all their services, then all your accounts could be compromised.
Surprisingly, D33Ds Company doesn’t see itself as a malicious group. It wants its attack to serve as a “wake-up call, and not as a threat”, according to an Arstechnica report. They claim that Yahoo’s servers are particularly vulnerable to hackers, and that more leaks like this are sure to occur if changes aren’t made soon.
Yahoo hasn’t issued any statement on the security breach as of yet.
Yahoo Voice is a VOIP service powered through Yahoo Messenger. It’s similar to Skype, and people can use Yahoo Voice to make cheap calls to landlines all over the world.

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