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    This Y Audio Cable from Belkin connects multimedia devices (such as stereo speakers and CD-ROMs) to your PC’s sound card. You can also use it to easily connect mini-stereo components to stereo equipment. Just connect the mini-stereo plug to your mini-stereo sound-card jack or device. Then, slide the RCA plugs into the appropriate jacks on your multimedia devices or stereo equipment.

    Customer Reviews
    Didnt work for me
    2 / 5.0
    I probably didnt do something right but i got these along with a VGA cable to hook my laptop up to a tv.. couldnt get sound out of the tv with this cord. I just bought a hdmi cable instead of using this and the vga

    Perfect…Just what I was looking for
    5 / 5.0
    I needed a longer cable and I was so glad I was able to find it online because I couldn’t find it in the stores. I love Amazon!!!

    Works perfect for me.
    5 / 5.0
    Before getting the Belkin Y cable, I used a “premium” Radio Shack brand Y cable that cost over three times what the Belkin cost (one of the features that made it premium was that it has gold-plated plugs). I wanted a second Y cable so I could have the same set up in two bedrooms, each of which has a stereo system in it.

    For purposes of this review, I tested the Belkin cable as follows:

    1. While the Radio Shack cable was connected to the Line 2 out jacks of an Onkyo TX-8222 stereo receiver, I connected the Belkin cable to the Line 1 out jacks. I then used each with a laptop playing a web radio station (WQXR FM, which plays classical music), switching back and forth while listening for any audible difference in sound quality. (I switched by connecting and disconnecting the mini-plug on each cable to the headphone jack on the laptop.) My ears detected no difference.

    2. With the Belkin connected to the laptop and the Onkyo set to Line 1, I turned off the streaming web radio and turned the volume on the receiver up to the maximum level (the volume on the laptop was already at the maximum level). There was, as I’d hoped, zero hum and “total silence” (as in the scene in Fargo when Steve Buscemi’s character attempts to engage his crime partner in conversation).

    3. I then connected the Belkin to a Sony Walkman MP3 player. No problems whatsoever; the sound was crystal clear.

    4. I twirled the mini-plug in the laptop headphones jack to which it was connected and listened for any electronic noise. There was none. I moved the laptop around (e.g., from the bed to my lap), and there was no noise.

    The cable came neatly wrapped in a Belkin cardboard and plastic display package, and the cable itself looks and feels rugged and durable and appears to be of excellent quality.

    Cable not well sheilded, so it is noisy
    3 / 5.0
    You can’t beat the price, but if you are plugging your computer into your home theater sound system, you will hear a noise that is a hum, at a lower volume than what I found after buying a better cable that is sheilded, for just a little more money.Pro-Techgroup Professional Grade 15 FT 3.5mm Stereo Male to 2RCA Male 22AWG Cable – Gold Plated Connectors

    a cheap fix to a big problem
    4 / 5.0
    The sound on my computer monitor speakers is terrible (and no help from the manufacturer despite several calls), so I have been trying to replace them with others I have. No luck, since unlike older computers whose speakers did not require an amplifier, the more recent ones do. So with this product I ran the computer’s sound outlet to an old boom box. The sound is vastly improved for a very minimal cost. After some drilling, I will be able to hook it up to the stereo amplifier for even better sound.

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