Tell me, if you have experienced this. You bought a new computer, you have it installed and fear stand in the speed of your Windows work. Then you start to install games and software. In just a few weeks not only start your XP to slow down, but you start to see some strange and unknown error message. This is good if you do not restart their machines. Here, I give you only two, I found a good and effective programs to address this issue. 1. Fist one and most do not like – re-install Windows XP. This is by far the most effective way to get the Windows XP error message clear gift. Let me tell you how to handle the work. If you are not a geek you are most likely on your hard drive is only one partition (if you are like most people, you may not know what is hard disk partition). This means that all the information collected in one place, a new XP installation, guess what happens – you lose all your data. Despite the loss of a number of MP3 music or pictures may not be a real problem may be deleted due to financial losses, or even important documents. 2. The second option has proven to be faster, more secure, cost-effective – to get a PC diagnostic program, scan your Windows XP errors and correct them. You see, you see an error message is due to differences within the system and most of the missing system files. Windows XP has some of the software architecture, if it is damaged, it began to “panic”, and for your mistakes. The best thing in this case, if the find a software that will scan your Windows for these differences, and proposed course of action is good work. Some quick tips while looking for it: it has a backup feature, deep scan, it should be fast and most importantly, user friendly (you do not need anything too weird). These are the Windows error message, I have found work, the best two resolutions. I believe I have done the first time so many times, I can do this blind folded. It is still a pain in the neck. Georgi has entered the IT 8 years and is currently a major information technology company’s technical support. Do you find useful information? You can learn more about how registry cleaner can help you, and get a free computer scan here: Speed up XP Source:

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