Tired of your slow running computer? This problem may not be as hard to fix as you think. believe me, you’re not the only one who suffers from computer slow-down now and then. in all actuality, it’s impossible to own one and never experience this problem. the main thing most of us are worried about is getting it fixed in a way that’s both fast and cheap. you can actually do it all yourself, if you follow these simple and easy steps:

1 – A good anti-virus program will really be a big help to you for fixing a slow computer. It staves off viruses and keeps spyware from affecting your computer’s performance. Fixing a slow computer can involve several things, but one thing for sure is that you need a virus scanner and remover, as well as a spyware remover. I recommend Ad-Aware Personal SE for anyone to keep spyware off of their computer. It’s a free program that I’d never be caught without.

2 – Another thing you can do for fixing this problem is to disable some of the programs that are on your startup. nobody ever needs all of them. these will cause your computer to slow down, and be really slow whenever you reboot. This can really help you. you hit ’start’, then ‘run’, type in ‘msconfig’ and hit enter. When the box comes up, click on ’startup’ and uncheck the programs you don’t need and then hit ‘ok’.

3 – one of the most important things you can do is detect and then clean up errors on your Windows registry. This will most definitely give your computer a boost in its performance. If you are somebody who is installing and uninstalling programs a lot, your registry could very well be full of invalid entries. and these are one of the primary reasons for computer slow-down.

They also accumulate over time, making the matter worse and worse. so they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Missing registry keys, malicious keys, and corrupted files will totally slow down and mess up the proper function of your computer. Some people don’t know it, but most of the time when you get a ’system error’ message, it’s due to something wrong in the registry. If you let this corruption continue in your system for too long, not only will your computer get slower and slower, but it will crash.

4 – and lastly you can run the old defragmenting tool. This tool is so helpful and necessary to good PC maintenance, that I am constantly amazed by people who never do it. soon they just can’t understand why their computer is so slow and just won’t work properly. Files that are out of place will slow down the computer. Computers are just large ‘readers’. and if what they’re reading is all helter- skelter, it takes longer.

But when it’s laid out all neat and orderly, it can zip thought. If you use your computer often, and install lots of programs or play games, then this should be done about three times a week. Once you get the initial one done, then the rest won’t take long. but if it hasn’t been done in a while, it could take some time. you can also run a disk cleanup. This helps get rid of unnecessary files, and compacts old files to free up more space.

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